Wish Upon a Star

Anya is 14, and she has a alcoholic, druggie, abusing mother. Trying to survive as much as she can and she has a hell of a struggle to break free from her mothers custody and finally be safe with her Aunt, but not only does she have to break free, she needs her sister to also break free the wrath of her mother.

[ All names were changed for the safety and privacy of the innocent]


2. ~Prologue/Chapter~

"You idiot" my mother screams. She raises the cooking pot, ready to strike.I close my eyes tight, I felt the pot collide with my head. Then once again it collided. I hear the pot drop and her footsteps walking away. I heard the front door slam closed.I open my eyes, the house was pitch dark, and it was once again cold and once again, no heat. I watch the headlight light flood the house with the warm yellow and disappear just as fast.

I jump up at once, hand to head. I quickly slip on my shoes, and dash out the door.I didn't have time for a coat, I had my chance to escape. I ran down my street, which in Hamilton, isn't the safest place, well actually nowhere in Hamelton is safe, and even worse at this time at night. I ran in the freezing cold to the only place I knew I could feel safe and loved. Sally's.

I ran and ran until I found her house. I ran up the stairs and pounded on the door. I put my hand down when I saw the door open slowly. "Anya?" she asks, voice cracked. I burst out in tears. I didn't have to hide my tears or my pain, I was somewhere safe now. "What happened?" Sally held her hands open. I ran straight in and cried my eyes out as much as I could. I want free, I want to break free. 

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