Wish Upon a Star

Anya is 14, and she has a alcoholic, druggie, abusing mother. Trying to survive as much as she can and she has a hell of a struggle to break free from her mothers custody and finally be safe with her Aunt, but not only does she have to break free, she needs her sister to also break free the wrath of her mother.

[ All names were changed for the safety and privacy of the innocent]


1. ~Prologue~

"Get down here now!" I slowly slump down the stairs. "I am leaving! Watch Ellie!" mom screams at me. She grabs her purse and storms out the house. It was only 5:00 pm and it was pitch dark, 33ºƒ and no heat. I pick Ellie up and cradle her in my arms.

I want to leave, I don't want to be here anymore. The man upstairs was also gone, the man that my mother rented the room too. I set Ellie on the couch and walked into the kitchen. "What's this?Sugar?" I walk toward a white powder. I set my finger in it and raise it to my lips. I licked it off. Not sugar. I look around the kitchen. The kitchen was covered in whatever that white powder was. I look around, the house was barely lit so I had to squint to get a good look. Everywhere the kitchen was covered in the powder, the floor, the table, the chairs. I hear a floorboard creak and I quickly flip around to see Ellie standing there. She was only 3, she was too young to suffer through this, and so was I.

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