Growing Pains

Pentatonix has just finished their tour and are settling down. They soon take a trip to a local restaurant and Kirstie finds herself making deals with a mysterious lady. Suddenly, many changes begin to happen.


1. Finishing Show (Prolouge)

"Like the Ceiling Can't Hold Us!" sang the group. They ended on their final note of their tour. With fists pumped in the air they looked around at each other, smiling and out of breath. They walked to the center of the stage and grabbed one another's hands, bowing. This earned the more screams and cheers from the crowd. They turned around and slowly headed off the stage. At the arrival of their dressing room, Mitch collapsed onto one of the chairs.

"That had to be at least 50 percent 10 to 15 year old girls." states the countertenor.

"Probably 20 percent overly excited dudes." replies Avi. The group chuckles in response.

"10 percent 4 to 9 year olds" says Kevin

" And 20 perce-" begins Kirstie

"20 percent combined of stalker sand moms and dads who don't want to be there" finishes Scott. He earns many laughs in response.

Pentatonix says their goodnights and crawls into their bunk beds. Little did they know they had an even bigger journey ahead of them.

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