Ariel was a 17 year old teen. Her parents were always busy, her smallest sister had died when born, she nearly had any friends. What happens when she meets the new boy at her school and his 4 best friends??? Will they fall for each other or will she fall for someone else?? Will her life get better or worst???

-it's my story guys plz don copy it, I made it thx- Laura hdz

Btw I'm new at this so I'm sorry if it's bad :(


1. neighbors??

Ariel's pov

I looked at the clock and tapped my feet on the floor at the rate of my heart beat. It didn't ring?!? Why is it so slow??!!? I looked Over my shoulder trying to get distracted and saw tony, my bully he was giving me an evil smirk as if he was gonna rape me. I had all the intensions of running as fast as I could as soon as the bell rang but I saw him and all I thought was "I'm not going out there" since we had ten minuted free after the lesson I got up and walked to Mr. Stuart.

"Hey Mr. Stuart do u stay after school today?" I asked.

"Yes, until 4:45" he responded

"I will be staying today, I didn't really understand today's lesson" I said to him.

"Alright" he nodded and I went back to my seat. I waited and waited still seating and finally the bell rang. I quickly got up to ask Mr. Stuart for my assignments but I got slapped in the bum by somebody. I desperately turned around to shout at who ever had done that but no one was there. I looked at the doorway and tony laughed and acted as if he had just scored the worlds biggest home run or whatever, that stupid kid. He left and I just walked to Mr. Stuart and asked for my assignments.


after an hour later I got home. I had to walk and was a bit scared since what happen in school today but nothing happened which was a relief. I walked in the house an glanced at the kitchen I saw my dad doing some bills on his computer. I walked towards him.

"Dad could I please order some pizza???" I Asked, I was starving because I skipped lunch today, I didn't want to be beat up by the stupid kid and his friends again. My dad didn't say anything and reached for his pockets as he kept reading his papers. He placed $500 on the table and smiled.

"Do u want any dad?" I asked him.

"No, just go do your homework" he said, woah he actually had talked, we haven't talked in about 2 months since he left to that trip, since him an my mother worked for the apple company all they did was work, work work and more work they were never home. They were more distant from me since my sister died it kind off is like I didn't exist or something. Yeah they gave me money to spend on anything and survive but they didn't give me the thing I most needed which was their love of parents. I guess they think that because I'm "old" I don't need love. But who said that?!? Not me?!?! I still need them! Oh we'll, I still love them. I took the money and headed upstairs to my room. I sat down and dialed little Cesar's number. I order a large pepperoni pizza and a large Dr. Pepper. They said I'de be here in about 20 minutes. I hung up an did my home work. After an eternity I heard the the door bell ring. I put my slippers on graved the needed money and ran like the wind. I opened the door, smiled at the guy an payed. He said have a nice day and walked away. I looked to the house next door and there was a moving truck parked in front of it. Woah!! Someone's moving there cool. I looked closely and saw 5 figures walking in and out the door with really heavy boxes. I couldn't see if they were boys girls, women or men. One of them waved and I waved back and closed the door. I sat at my bed and ate the pizza. A while later after I was done I opened the window that looked toward the neighbors house because it was getting hot, got my pro Mac book and opened it up. I started recording My everything by Ariana Grande since all my fans were asking for it. I took my guitar and started strumming and singing. I smiled at the camera and said "stay beautiful and follow your dreams" and waved goodbye. I uploaded it and checked my twitter, Instagram, vine and the last comments of the last youtube video I had done. I smiled at the positive ones an ignored the bad ones. I had to if not I would cut, it was a bad habit I got since my parents started ignoring me, no one knows about it. If anyone found out at school I would get bullied even more which would suck and I'de probably kill my self. But let's not think about that. Anyways yes, I do have all those because I want to be a singer/actress/model/makeup artist yup! I know its a lot but hey it doesn't hurt to dream right haha and I even wanted to have my own clothing/perfume and makeup line with my name licensed on it which was a big dream of mine. I finally finished checking everything and closed my Mac book. I put it on my desktop and put my homework away. I walked to my closet choose tomorrow's school outfit put it to the side and got my pajamas. I stepped in the restroom which was a distance from the window which was still open but I had forgotten, I took my shirt off and was about to unclip my bra but felt a presence Starring at me. I quickly glanced at the window and saw a figure and it quickly fell to the floor on purpose, I couldn't see it was dark and it was already 11:30 p.m. I ran to the window and closed it shut. I put the curtain down and went back to the shower. I finished, shut the door and turned the light off *(haha see what I did there lol)* and laid down in bed. I covered myself and immediately fell asleep.

***hi guys, this is my first movella haha if I messed up somewhere I'm really sorry, I'm kinda new at this lol. I hoped u enjoyed and please tell me what you think, should I continue it??***

-Laura Hernandez

*stay beautiful an follow your dreams**

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