Ariel was a 17 year old teen. Her parents were always busy, her smallest sister had died when born, she nearly had any friends. What happens when she meets the new boy at her school and his 4 best friends??? Will they fall for each other or will she fall for someone else?? Will her life get better or worst???

-it's my story guys plz don copy it, I made it thx- Laura hdz

Btw I'm new at this so I'm sorry if it's bad :(


2. 5 new guys....bullying

Ariel's pov:

I woke up. It was Friday! Finally!! I Waited for this day the whole week. I still didn't want to go to school but I ha to, I had straight A's an I wanted to keep it that way. I also was never apcent. I sat up from my bed and looked out the window. The new neighbors seemed to have woken up. I closed the blinds an headed for the shower.

***copy and paste***

I opened the water warm enough and got in. I scrubbed my body and started to think about school, I don't know I it was a dream or something but it was walking to school. I people stared at me as if I was made of meat or something. I looked at my feet and I was wearing pink high heels with a bow.

**copy, And paste**

What the heck!! I never wore this to school I normally dressed tomboyish or just weird, I'm so lost, what's going on!?! I stepped inside the school and it was the same. Everyone stared at me. What was going on!! I walked to my usual locker and put the combination. Some girl came up to me but I didn't know who it was, I turned to face her but she was gone, all she said was "go check yourself out in the mirror" I didn't know what she was talking about but for some weird and stupid reason I listened to her. I walked to the nearest restroom and faced the mirror, although as soon as I did I snapped out of the dream or my imagination. We'll that was was weird. I stepped out of the shower and changed into the clothes that I usually wear. 2 shirts a long and short sleeves put together on top of each other, green shorts, two braided ponytails on the side and brown sketchers.

**just copy and paste on Google or you safari**

I put my glasses on and got my back pack and keys. Since I was a junior and 16 I could drive to school. Which was a hell lot better than riding the bus.

***at school***

I walked to my locker, got my books and headed to class, 6 minutes before the bell ringed, right on time. After 2nd block I went to lunch and headed to my third block. I sat in my usual spot and looked at the board, everyone had a desk and a partner besides them, I felt alone like always. I was used to it. Around me no one sat. There were 6 seats around me that weren't taken. I felt left out, but I really didn't mind. Ms. Virginia was interrupted. They opened the door. I could hear the principals voice . He talked about some new students and them getting lost. I didn't look at them I was writing all the notes down from the board.

"Ariel??" I heard my name, I looked up. It was the principal

"yes sir?" I asked.

"Would you mind showing these 5 young man for the rest of the day? Y'all have about the same classes but they just got their paper wok done so this is the first class that they go to today." He said. Why me?

"Yes sir. May I ask, why me?" I asked a little frightened.

"Because your our best student and know the whole campus" he answered. We'll that explains.

"Y-yes sir... I-I will" I stuttered. The new 5 guys were standing outside the door and I didn't see them. I turned my head to the board and kept writing my notes.

"Now y'all sit as close to her as you can, she's showing you your classes for today." The principal told the guys. I felt a presence walk to my side and sat there. I didn't look up. The other guys sat around me as well. I felt uncomfortable. The principle walked away. 20 minutes passed and I still hadn't looked up at those guys.

"Hi, I'm Zayn Malik" I heard the voice besides me say.

"Ariel, just Ariel. Nice to meet you" I said and shook his hand. I finally looked up at him. He had really gorgeous chocolate brown eyes and a black quid with a blonde stripe at the front. I smiled at him and a quickly looked away.

"So.... Your showing us our classes?" He nicely asked.. Woah!! I never met someone that nice and handsome. "Yeah, apparently." I smiled. He just laughed and I accidentally giggled. OMG!!

"Haha I like your giggle" he added

"Thanks" is all I said, faced the board and catches up on the notes. Th bell rang and I put my stuff up. I looked at the door and 5 guys including Zayn were there. I'm guessing they're the guys. One of them had bouncy curls and gorgeous hazel eyes, there was a blonde one with ocean blue eyes, he looked Irish and I don't know why. Another one with justin bieber brown/black hair, ocean blue eyes and red/blue striped shirt. The last guy was super adorable, he had a light beautiful brown eyes, curly brown hair, and a really cute pink smile.. Or lips. I walked up to them, smiled and said

"I'll show you y'all's lockers first." We walked to the juniors locker section and they gave me their locker number and combinations. After I was done showing them they said thanks. We all walked to our next block. Their schedule was all the same as mine. Our schedules were determined by what we wanted to be in the future. I wanted to be a singer, did they all wanted to be so as we'll? We only had 5 blocks per day, they lasted one hour and thirty minutes each. I'm our next class the boy in the striped shirt at besides me. In our fifth block the curly haired one sat besides me. Did they all agree to this or what?? Or was it just coincidence. The class ended an I headed to my locker. I felt followed. It was probably tony following me so I ran. I turned and it was. He reached me and slammed on the locker doors. I cried a bit because of the pain but not completely.

"Why are you running from me!? I don't want to hurt you he said.

"Leave me alone!!" I screamed. He slapped me across the face and my cheek burned. I was shaking.

"I'm sorry!" I screamed. I don't know why, I was just scared.

"No! No more bitch you looked for this, now deal with it!! You ran from me you slutty whore!" He screamed at my face and loudly for everyone to be able to hear. He picked me up and trew me harshly against the wall. I couldn't hold it, I cried. My head started to bleed.

"Please leave me alone!!!" I pleaded him.

"No, your a slut, you deserve this!!" He screamed. Everyone stood around us now, they laughed at me. I just cried. He punched my cheek and I was fainting. Soon enough I heard a familiar voice scream

Stop!!!" It was Zayn.

"Leave her alone!! You dick!" I heard him scream, the other boys were around him.

"Don't get into this!! Shes a slut!! She deserves this" tony scream.

"No one deserves this, now leave her alone before I beat your ass up!" Zayn screamed, he looked pissed. I was shaking uncontrollably now. I felt strong arms around me, it was that Liam boy. I looked over at tony who was now on the floor, Zayn punched his face. It was bleeding. Soon enough everything turned black, I had fainted.

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