Red Is My Color

Redela is apart of her red family in the only place that she calls home in a dark creepy place


3. **** Not Chapter Pics Of Siblings And Family ****

This is Ruby Redela Red is her name she is fourteen loves Redela follows in her footsteps and some of her style. Also she has a boyfriend named Richard Carson who is a vampire and he doesn't know it and neither does she know she is also a vampire like Redela .Her favorite color is Ruby red.Favorite food soon to be is blood but for right now rare stake with shrimps and a bake potato on the side like Redela but it must have A1 sauce.


Scarlet Maroon Red is seventeen like her fraternal twin Redela .She is also in this story going to find out she is a vampire were there will be more POV's for her and Redela then anybody else.Let's just say she loves Ruby But she can be annoying especially since she is not the morning person. Scarlet has a secret boyfriend named Joshua Centiclare who eighteen.She loves him with all her heart.Her favorite color is Lust like Redela . Her favorite food for now is Pepperoni Pizza from Domino's.Her style is usually the color's red(any shade),Black,Gray,and White . Redela is the same way except she add the color dark purple sometimes.

This is Coral Apple Red and she is the mother of all the three girls.She is the vampire that started this she told her husband Redd (pronounced as Read ) that she was a vampire and he loved her so much he didn't leave.One day someone broke in his house on killed him while Coral was out for a run.She came back to see him dead and blood all over the floor.Normally she would have been going crazy over the blood but she loved him so much she decided to change him and help him through his blood craze moment.When he was better he said that he had always wanted a family.After that eight month's later Redela and Scarlet was born then three years after that Ruby was born into the family.Coral's favorite color is Pink which is a shade of red which is a paler tint of crimson.Her favorite food is BLOOD,and in case you were wondering she is 2100 years old.

Redd is the official soul mate of Coral his loving wife.He is also the father of his three loving girls. Redd's favorite color is  Candy Apple Red and his favorite food is BLOOD. He cares about his daughters a lot because not only is he their father he has always been family oriented.

















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