Red Is My Color

Redela is apart of her red family in the only place that she calls home in a dark creepy place


1. Me.Myself.And I

I'm Redela yeah pretty weird name right I'm the only one in my family with this type of name you know.My full name is Redela Redell Red weird is all I can say about my name I guess I can Call it special because I'm special so my parents say.They say now that I'm seventeen I can know why the smell of my friends blood attracts me and how I run so fast and I get home within three seconds when it is across town when I'm running away.

I mean like it shouldn't be serious because my family wouldn"t dare lie or keep a big secret from me.Would they? All I know is that they say I wasn't ready to Know the reason yet which always infuriated me every single time they would say say that,because I mean I want to know what is the matter with me I wanna be able to live and keep my friends Brian and Lily.Or what if I have a disease that has lasted until I was seventeen and they're just now telling me.

I mean like how cruel would would that be.Then I was snapped out of my thoughts by my bestie slash sister Scarlet we are really close like it is so strong we can't even explain it.

"Hey Dela mom and dad said we need to meet them downstairs it is really important"she told me.

"K Scar i'll be down in a moment"I say I don't know why so early in the morning they want to speak it's hard enough to go to sleep even when I am sleepy.I made my way down the stairs slowly a curious,and sadly my curiosity and sleepiness made me trip and fall down two flights of stairs.The only people who laughed was my parents while one of the only family members I actually helped me was my sister Scarlet.I yelped in pain and surprisingly so did she as if she could feel my pain and it was from the same arm.

"talk about I feel your pain"she said and laughed a little while a tear rolled down her cheek just like me.Then after a few minutes mine and Scars arm felt completely fine we both laughed at our weird recovery while our parents looked down in shame.

"Hold on where's Ruby"I asked curious to where my little sister was.(If you haven't already check out the "third chapter" for family info)I looked at the time to see that me and Scarlet would be late to school if we didn't get dressed right away.

"Oh No!!! We're gonna be late for school." say worried rushing upstairs with Scarlet still hanging on





  ****(A/N - Hey Guys Just wanted to say that if you wanted to see the family's outfit go on and type in smithtaylor2002 as a member to see my outfits for the characters.          Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)**** 

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