Fae Simpson, best friend of Ariana Grande and girlfriend of Justin Bieber, was in a terrible accident causing her to wake up from her coma 7 months later with amnesia. Fae can't remember a thing about her life, and has to try and remember her love for Justin. But what happens when she meets Beau Brooks, from the Janoskians? Will everything go back to normal or will Fae choose a different life?


3. You dated Harry Styles

| Fae Simpson |

    “If it weren’t for you that day then I wouldn’t be with Jai” Ariana told me. My mouth dropped open, I wasn’t expecting that.

    “You’re telling me that your boyfriend is the guy from the story? The guy who was checking you out as I skateboarded?” I asked, laughing a little. I never would have guessed that that would start a relationship.

    “Yeah, I texted him that night. Things just went on from there” She shrugged, looking a little pink in the face. I thought about it then. Justin has a girlfriend, Ariana has a boyfriend. Have I ever had a real relationship, apart from Justin? Was I still a virgin? These questions I didn’t know if either would know.

    “Have I had a real boyfriend?” I questioned. Looking from Ariana to Justin to Ariana again.

    “Well you’ve had a couple, but nothing serious” Justin said, making me look at him again. “You dated Harry Styles for a while, whist we broke up” Justin said.

    “You say his name like I should remember him” I frowned. Ariana got up from the sofa and disappeared out of the room. It didn’t take long before she was back with a brown box.

    “This box has anything to do with your past relationships” She told me, taking the lid off so I could peer inside. I picked up the first thing that was on top, it was a picture of myself and a guy. I held it up as a question to who the guy was. “That’s Harry” Ariana smiled.

    “He’s pretty hot. What happened between us?” I asked, hoping Ariana would know. If she was my best friend I would have told her things right?

    “I’m just going to leave you guys to go through that” Justin said, pointing to the box. “I’m going to go see Gemma” He said, before I could say anything he was gone.


    “Justin’s girlfriend” Ariana said, looking through the many pictures of me and Harry. “Anyway, you and Harry were good for each other but the distance didn’t help your relationship” Ariana stated.

    “The distance? How far apart did we live?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

    “Harry lives in England. You live here in LA. We’re 8 hours behind England, the time zones really messed things up for you guys” At that moment in time I was glad that I couldn’t remember. “Here, this is something Harry sent you from England” I looked over to see what Ariana was holding and saw it was a teddy bear with a little union jack jumper on. The right foot of the teddy had ‘I <3 U’ embodied on.

    “Did I love him?” I cuddled the teddy close to me, hoping to remember at least something.

    “Oh yeah” She gave me a look as if I were crazy. “You cried for months over that relationship. You couldn’t ever show your feelings though, because a month after the split Linda, your agent, made you get back in the fake relationship with Justin” She seemed as if she didn’t like this whole fake relationship thing.

    “But I fell in love with him?” I didn’t see it as any harm, but then again I don’t remember who I felt about it before.

    “I’m surprised Justin told you about that. Yeah, you two fell in love. He still loves you, you know that?” Ariana stated. I shrugged, not knowing anything. How was I supposed to believe he still loved me if he was with another girl? I picked up a letter with scruffy hand writing on it, realising it was from Harry I started reading it.



    I miss you. It’s been 3 months since we really got to spend some time together. I never thought this long distance stuff would be so hard. But I’m busy when you’re not and you’re busy when I’m not. The guys and I have a month coming up where we haven’t got anything planned. I guess you could call it a break? Anyway, I’m planning on coming to visit you for the month and I’m going to spend every waking moment with you. I don’t want to waste any time being with the one person I love. I hope you like the little gifts I sent you, the teddy bear is particularly my favourite. I hope I get to see you soon, because I miss being able to kiss those lips of yours, or to be able to hold you in my arms. I even miss you forcing me to listen to piano music. I miss everything about you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.



    “You never did get to spend that month together, you guys had broken up by then” Ariana said, causing me to jump a little with fright. She must have been reading over my shoulder.

    “What exactly happened between us?” I asked, wanting to know as much as possible.

    “He saw pictures of you and Justin together, he assumed you were cheating” She replied, and I put the letter back into the box, followed by the bear and the photos.

    “Does he know I was in an accident?” I asked, my heart racing. Ariana shook her head with a frown on her lips.

    “We tried to contact him to let him know, but he never picked up. He doesn’t like to talk to anyone who is associated with you” She told me. I didn’t even remember the guy, but still somehow that hurt. He never even stayed for an explanation, he just accused me of something I had never done.

    “He mentioned about piano music? So I like piano?” I was asking Ariana a lot of questions, which was probably annoying her.

    “You play a little, or used to. Who knows if you still can” She put the lid on the box and set it to one side. I heard the vibration of something and Ariana pulled out her phone. I watched as she tapped away on her phone. She looked up and smiled at me. “You need to change, we’re meeting Jai and Justin and the four of us are having dinner together” She smiled. I looked down at the outfit I was wearing, what was wrong with it? “We’re going to a fancy restaurant” Ariana told me, obviously noting my questioning look. Ariana took hold of my hand and led me upstairs, to what was obviously my bedroom.

    “Do I share a room with Justin?” I asked, noticing the room was one of the only rooms in the house that wasn’t made of glass.

    “You used to. But since the accident Justin had your stuff moved into the spare room. It hurt him too much to have a constant reminder of you” I sighed in relief, glad that I wasn’t going to have to share a bed with a guy I had barely known for a day. Well technically I’ve known him for 2 years, but with my messed up memory now I’ve only known him a day. Ariana went straight to my wardrobe and handed me a pastel pink dress that reached the floor. I took hold of it as I waited for Ariana to finish what she was doing. She then picked out a long navy blue dress and grinned at me. “Are you going to put that on are you just going to watched me get changed instead?” Ariana laughed, which caused me to blush a little. I had been doing a lot of staring. I took of the jumper and t-shirt I was wearing and put the dress over my head. Once the dress was on, I took off my joggers and stood awkwardly in the room not knowing where anything was. A pair of black heels were placed in my hands and I was grateful Ariana knew where they were. I gave her a small smile and then placed the shoes on my feet. Once Ariana had shoes on, I followed her back downstairs.

    “Justin is picking us up” Ariana said, breaking the silence that was becoming obvious. Just as we reached inside Justin walked through the front door, followed by a cute guy. Ariana went over to the guy and they kissed each other, so I guess that’s Jai then.

    “Hey Ruby” Jai smiled, and waved to me. Justin laughed, took hold of my hand and led me outside the house.

    “Uh… I’m not Ruby” I replied, not really knowing how to act. He looked over at me with a look of confusion. The realisation practically knocked Jai out, but he engulfed me in a hug when he realised I as actually Fae.

    “When did you wake up? We’ve all missed you so much” He pulled away and just stared at me smiling.

    “Hey Jai” I said, hoping it was Jai and not in fact some other guy.  Justin took a hold of my hand again and led me towards the car.

    “We don’t have time for reunions, we have dinner reservations” Justin gave a small smile. He helped me into the car, as Jai helped Ariana. Jai started asking me a lot of questions which kind of overwhelmed me.

    “I don’t want to come across as rude” I sighed as I turned in the seat to face Jai. “But I don’t really remember” he was looking confused again.

    “She lost her memory Jai” Ariana spoke, resting her hands in Jai’s.

    “But she remembers me” He stated, I shook my head frowning.

    “Ariana told me about you, it wasn’t hard to guess by the way you kissed that you’re Jai” I said quietly. “I don’t remember anything. I still don’t even know when my birthday is” I sighed, and started rubbing my temples hoping it would make me remember.

    “April 18th” Justin said from the seat next to me. “But we don’t need to focus on that right now. Today is my birthday” he grinned, focusing on the road. Oh yeah, I forgot he had told me that.

    “You know the weirdest thing happened when I woke” I said, not really understanding. The three in the car all chorused a ‘what?’ “The doctor asked me if I knew when my birthday was and I replied with March 1st” I told them.

    “You did?” Justin turned to face me for a second before his attention went back to the road.

    “What if I never actually forgot” I spoke, mainly talking to myself. But Ariana chimed in.

    “You mean, you have it in your head it’s just jumbled up?” She asked, and I nodded my head at her.

    “It would make sense. But it doesn’t explain why I can’t remember even when I’ve been told about things” I sighed, not really understanding anything. The only feeling I feel is guilt. Guilt because I don’t remember any of the faces that I care about. How can I carry on like this is I don’t really know how I feel about them? For all I know I could secretly hate Ariana and just be pretending to be her best friend. I can’t see that happening though, she’s been too sweet to me. Then there’s Justin, I don’t even know what to think of this whole fake relationship thing. How am I supposed to go along with it when I don’t even remember who I am as a person? The car stopped and I realised we were parked outside of a really nice looking restaurant. Then for some reason I thought back to when Ariana was on the phone.

    “Do I have a phone?” I asked, randomly. Justin looked over to me and nodded.

    “Ruby has it at the moment, you’ll see her tomorrow so she can give it to you then” He smiled, opened his car and then raced around to my side of the car so he could open the door for me. He held his hand out, waiting for me to take it and then he helped me to carefully get out of the car without falling. Once the car was locked up and Ariana and Jai were by our sides, Justin kept a tight hold of my hand and led me inside.

    “Reservation for Bieber” Justin spoke and the usher motioned for the four of us to follow. Once at our table Justin pulled out a chair for me to sit down in, and the he tucked me under the table. He quickly took his seat opposite me as Ariana sat beside me.

    “I-I don’t know what foods I like” I sighed, this was getting really tiresome. Not even knowing if I were allergic to any foods, or which foods I do like or don’t like.

    “Good job I do” Justin gave me a reassuring smile which I politely returned. The water came over and Justin ordered our food and drinks. Justin ordered Ariana and I cocktails, whereas for himself and Jai he ordered mocktails. I sighed, not really knowing how old my friends are. I put a hand to my head as a headache started up again.

    “How old are you all?” I asked, probably sounding stupid. I was told that I’m 21, but nobody told me how old my friends were. I looked over to my friends waiting for an answer.

    “Jai’s 19, I’m 21 and Justin has turned 21 today” Ariana told me smiling a little.

    “Jai’s the odd one out then” I laughed. “Everyone’s 21 but you” I giggled, and then I turned my attention on Ariana. “Dating a younger guy” I winked and she laughed. Jai actually blushed a little which made me giggle. “Do you have any other plans for tonight?” I turned to Justin as I let Ariana and Jai talk.

    “I’m going out to a club. You know turning 21 and all, I would invite you but I feel like you would rather stay home and go to bed” He looked over the table at me, and I nodded smiling.

    “It’s been a very eventful day. I can’t believe the doctors let me go so quickly” I replied and Justin shrugged his shoulders.

    “You’ve been perfectly fine for about 4 months now, the only thing you needed was to wake up. I guess we’re just relying on your memory now” he told me, as the food arrived.

    “Oh, happy birthday Justin” I smiled, tucking into the food that tasted amazing. “And thanks for remembering what foods I like. This tastes so delicious” I grinned with a mouthful of food. He shook his head laughing and went back to his own food. 

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