Fae Simpson, best friend of Ariana Grande and girlfriend of Justin Bieber, was in a terrible accident causing her to wake up from her coma 7 months later with amnesia. Fae can't remember a thing about her life, and has to try and remember her love for Justin. But what happens when she meets Beau Brooks, from the Janoskians? Will everything go back to normal or will Fae choose a different life?


6. We're the Janoskians

| Fae Simpson |

    I watched at Beau threw up blue vomit next to my green vomit. It was almost like a waterfall and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was only then that I realised that Luke had appeared and was holding a camera up at us. I suddenly felt really insecure and stopped drinking my milk. I still had more than half to drink.

    “Does this ever end?” I asked, holding up the milk bottle to get a good look at how much I had drank.

    “We can stop now if you want” Beau told me and I nodded my head. Drinking that much milk was making me start to feel ill. Luke had put his camera down now and joined the both of us, admiring the mess of green and blue vomit.

    “How long had you been filming?” I questioned quietly.

    “Pretty much all of it” He shrugged. “Keeping memories” He smiled and I nodded.

    “Do you often keep memories?” I asked, rubbing my stomach a little that really was starting to hurt.

    “We make memories on our YouTube channel” Luke replied as he fiddled around with his camera.

    “The Janoskians. I forgot I was going to show you” Beau interrupted. “We’re the Janoskians. My brothers, James, Daniel and I” He told me, moving closer to me he pulled out his phone and started typing away. He passed me his phone and I watched a video of the five of them on a train doing weird and awkward things. I looked over to Beau and smiled.

    “You do these kind of things a lot?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

    “We try and upload a new video for the fans whenever we have the time” He told me, but I just looked at him as if he were crazy. “You’re not the only one who is famous, sweetie” He laughed. My face must have shown that I still didn’t understand. “We have a fanbase because of the YouTube videos. We’ve recently just finished our second world tour” Beau explained and I nodded.

    “Apparently I model. Do you think I’m any good?” I asked, striking a pose.

    “You’re a natural. That’s something you can’t forget” Beau smiled, but Luke’s words shocked me.

    “You would be so much better if you were naked” He winked at me as I just stared at him awkwardly. “Come on, I’m joking. Well you know you would be great at modelling naked probably. But I know that’s not your thing” He laughed. Yeah, that sure wasn’t my thing. I don’t think it ever will be my thing.

    “I should be heading back home. Ruby is already mad as anything with me. I don’t want to make her even madder” I sighed, and Beau pulled me into a hug.

    “Know your way back?” He asked, and I shook my head a smile on my face. “Do you want me to walk you?” He looked down at me and I nodded at him, my smile still on my face. He let me go and I gave Luke a hug goodbye. The other three had already left so Beau and I just walked out of the park together.

    “If I’ve met both your brothers, how come I’d never met you before?” I asked, as Beau put his arm around my back.

    “I have a life, and it doesn’t usually consist of always being with my brothers and my brothers friends” He laughed. “But you’re my friend now so it’s different” He poked his tongue at me and I giggled.

    “Apparently I used to be much more confident then I am now” I sighed, but Beau just pulled me closer to him.

    “I’m sure it will come back” He reassured me.

    “If it weren’t for my confidence Ariana and Jai may never have actually got together” I said, I didn’t miss the old me because I couldn’t remember her. But I did wish that I could remember at least some things.

    “You’re the crazy girl who walked up to Jai? The one who…” He looked at me, a smirk on his face.

    “The one who what?” I asked worriedly. He shook his head, laughing at how worried I looked.

    “The one who was auditioning for a modelling job. You asked for Jai’s opinion. It makes sense you know, I don’t know why I never put the two together” He said.

    “Well that’s probably because you’ve never had to think about it” I stated and he nodded in agreement.

    “You’re not going to tell Justin I kissed you, are you?” Beau had a look of concern in his eyes.

    “Wh-why would I do that?” I asked, laughing. I was actually laughing a lot. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. Once I finally calmed down enough I explained it to Beau. “Justin and I, we’re not together. He has a girlfriend” I said and Beau frowned. “It’s okay Beau, I don’t mind. I don’t remember my feelings for him so it doesn’t hurt” I smiled.

    “It’s still kind of sad” Beau replied, but I just shrugged. How could I possibly find something sad when I just couldn’t remember? I wasn’t going to try and remember either, it just hurt my head too much.

    “Justin told me I loved him a lot, I wish I could remember. It probably hurts him a lot” I sighed, running a hand through my hair. This really wasn’t fair on anyone I knew before the accident. We both stayed quiet for a little while we walked back to Ruby’s. Neither of us really knew what to say, but it was nice. The silence was comfortable, and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. “I dated Justin for publicity at first” I said, looking at Beau. I’m not sure why I told him that, it’s not like it was important or anything, I just felt like it needed to be said. I hadn’t noticed it getting dark until Beau pulled me close to him. He snaked his arm around my back, and I rested my head on his shoulder.

    “Didn’t you just use him then?” Beau asked, and I shrugged. I don’t remember ever agreeing to it, I don’t remember the fake relationship, I don’t remember any of it. “You’ve not been able to have relationships because of it?” He asked, as he tightened his grip on my waist.

    “No. I was told that he made it difficult. I was in a relationship with Harry Styles though. That was real, and as I said towards the end being with Justin was real” I said and the rest of the walk back to Ruby’s place was quiet. “Maybe you should come in and apologise to Ruby in person” I told Beau as we neared the house. Again, it was quiet after that. I reached the front door and opened it, the house was almost silent.

    “Ruby?” I called out into the house. “I’ve brought someone to see you” I called out again. There was no reply. Beau stood by the front door, I motioned for him to come in and so he did closing the door behind him. I then rushed upstairs hoping Ruby would be just listening to music with her headphones in, and her music too loud.  “Ruby?” I called out again. Still no answer. I opened the first door I came across to find that it was just a bathroom. The next room was empty and appeared to be the room I’m staying in as my suitcase was on the bed. I knocked on the third door, and then pushed it open lightly.

    I saw his curly, brown hair before he turned and I was met with his green eyes. My mouth dropped open when I saw what was happening.

    “H-Harry?” I whispered. He looked at me with sad eyes. I turned on my heel and shut the door behind me. My ex-boyfriend was having sex with my twin sister? Even if I couldn’t remember how much I loved him, it still hurt like hell. Tears were building up in my eyes as I walked down the stairs. Beau caught sight of me and asked me what was wrong.

    “I think we need to just leave” I told him opening the door back up and walking outside. “Do you know where Ariana lives?” I asked blankly.

    “You want to go there? I can drive you if you want?” I nodded frantically at him as the tears fell down my cheeks. “Stay away from Ruby, okay? Don’t go on any more dates with her. Promise me you’ll stay away from her?” I begged as I climbed into Beau’s car.

    “What’s going on Fae?” Beau asked, reversing out of the driveway. I shook my head not wanting to talk about it. The pain of seeing him with her made me remember how much I loved him.


    Harry swung me around in his arms as he saw me. It had only been a day since I last saw him before I had missed him so much. We had gotten to the stage in our relationship where we were pretty much inseparable. Once my feet were back on the floor I stood on my tiptoes to reach up and place my lips against Harry’s.

    “I love you” I grinned, I really was in love. “But I’m going to miss you so much when you go back to England” I sighed, and Harry pulled me into his chest. All that I could hear was the beating of his chest which only caused me to smile yet again.

    “It will only be a few months. I promise I’ll come right back to you as soon as I can” He lifted my chin up and planted small kisses all along my jawline. I pulled away when I realised that I had something I wanted to show Harry. I took hold of his hand and pulled him towards my bedroom. He sat on my bed as he watched me type away on my laptop. I pulled the photos up from my most recent photo-shoot and then handed my laptop to Harry. His eyes widened as he went through the pictures. I was wearing nothing but an American flag bikini.

    “You look amazing baby” His English accent sent shivers down my spine. I pulled the laptop away from him and straddled him. My hands resting on his shoulders as I just stared into his green orbs. My arms went around his neck, as I pushed my lips onto his. His lips parted already as I locked tongues with him. The kiss got deeper and soon clothes were being chucked everywhere. I knew how much I loved Harry Styles and I knew that I didn’t want to be with anyone else in the whole entire world. He was the one I wanted for the rest of my life.


    Beau kept quiet probably just listening to the awful sounds of my sobs. I was crying really hard now, and I was beginning to struggle to breath. Beau had parked his car outside of a small house, and I watched him rush to the front door frantically banging on the door. When the door opened Jai’s face emerged and soon enough Ariana was racing out of the car towards me. She flung the car door open pulling me into a hug.

    “I need you to take deep breaths, Fae” She told me, letting me sit back in the seat. I did as she said and took deep breaths. In and out. In and out. In and out. Eventually my breathing calmed down and the tears that fell were only silent tears. She helped me out of the car and into her house. She sat me down on a sofa, I locked eyes with Beau who was looking extremely worried.

    “What happened?” He asked me, Jai who was sat next to him looked a little concerned too. Ariana appeared back into the room with a cup of something and handed it to me, I thanked her and she then took a seat beside me. I took a sip from the mug and realised it was hot chocolate.

    “What happened to cause you to have a panic attack? You haven’t had one since you were 14” Ariana told me, her eyes were filled with sadness.

   “I, uh, I remember so-something” I managed out. I didn’t want to tell them what I remembered by I knew they were going to ask me anyway. “I-I remembered how much I love him” I whispered and Ariana frowned.

    “What made you remember though?” Jai asked, as Beau watched me closely. I took a deep breath, knowing I was going to have to explain.

    “Beau took me back to Ruby’s where I’m staying at the moment. I wanted him to apologise to her for him spending the day with me instead of her” And then the tears started again. My eyes wondered around the room until they rested on Beau’s. “Don’t apologise to her. She doesn’t deserve it” I whispered to him, he opened his mouth to ask me, but I interrupted him.

    “She was having s-sex with H-Harry” I stuttered, the image appearing back into my head. Ariana stood up from her seat next to me and went into the hallway. I listened as she picked up things and before I knew it the front door opened and was slammed shut. I looked up to Jai and Beau with a frown on my lips.

    “Where’s she going?” I asked quietly. Beau looked confused and Jai looked at me with sympathy.

    “Knowing Ariana she’s gone to confront Ruby and Harry” Jai told me. “You mean a lot to her” Beau came and sat next to me, pulling me closer to him.

    “I promise” He whispered and then he kissed the top of my head.

    “It shouldn’t hurt this much should it? I wasn’t even with him. Yesterday I didn’t even remember who he was. How can all my feelings just come back like that?” I threw my hands into my face and started crying again.

    “It triggered your memories to come back Fae” Jai spoke causing me to lift my head up and look at him. “We know now that you’ll get your memories back. We’re patient enough to wait, you should be too” His voice was quite but I still heard him. I wiped the tears from my cheeks with the end of my sleeve and nodded to him. Beau was still holding me so I buried my face into his chest and closed my eyes, falling into a deep sleep.

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