Fae Simpson, best friend of Ariana Grande and girlfriend of Justin Bieber, was in a terrible accident causing her to wake up from her coma 7 months later with amnesia. Fae can't remember a thing about her life, and has to try and remember her love for Justin. But what happens when she meets Beau Brooks, from the Janoskians? Will everything go back to normal or will Fae choose a different life?


2. I'm Fae Simpson

| Fae Simpson |

    “Wow” I breathed. “This is our home?” I asked, as I stood outside admiring the beautiful house. Justin took hold of my hand and led me inside. “How do we ever get any privacy? The house is just practically made of glass” I sighed, the house was truly remarkable.

    “It’s not often that we don’t privacy. And plus, that’s why we have curtains” Justin laughed, turning the key in the lock and leading me into the house. I looked around and noticed a mirror opposite the door as you walk in, and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. He led me into what seemed to be the living area and I took a seat on one of the red sofas. I looked around, noticing the many pictures that were everywhere. My eyes stopped on a picture of Justin with a blonde girl. It caught my attention because they were kissing.

    “Justin” I said, walking out of the room to try and find Justin. He popped his head around one of the doors, and I followed him into the room. I saw him making what seemed to be a smoothie. “You said we fell in love for real, so why is there a picture of you kissing a blonde girl in the living area?” I asked, pointing back to the room I just came from.

    “Oh, that?” He looked guilty. “I…” He seemed to pause to try and find his words. “Well, she’s my uh girlfriend” He told me. I shook my head at him not understanding. “I gave up hope, I was hurting and I didn’t think you were going to wake up” He frowned, he didn’t look very happy.

    “So are we together or not?” I questioned, I was confused enough as it was. Justin shrugged at me, not really knowing the answer.

    “I love you Fae, I really do. But you don’t even remember me” I looked into his brown eyes and saw how upset he looked. “I’ll drop Gemma quicker than you can say pineapple if you tell me you know who I am and that you love me still” He concentrated on pouring the smoothie into a glass and handing it to me.

    “What’s this?” I asked, holding it up and looking at it intently.

    “It’s just a smoothie Fae. It’s your favourite” He laughed. I took a sip and smiled, it did taste really good. I followed him back into the living area, walking around and examining all the pictures. There were pictures of Justin and I, a couple of pictures of Justin and the blonde, a few pictures of Ruby and I.

    “Who’s this?” I asked, holding a picture of me and girl I didn’t recognise. Justin turned his attention to the picture and smiled.

    “That’s Ariana. She’s your best friend” He told me. “Which reminds me, I need to make a quick phone call” He told me, holding up his phone.

    “And then you will explain this whole publicity thing?” I questioned and he nodded, walking into another room. I examined the picture I was holding, thinking how pretty this girl, Ariana looked. She was my best friend, and I didn’t even remember her. Oh who are you kidding? You don’t remember anyone Fae. Justin returned about a minute later.

    “Ariana is coming over in about an hour” He said, and I nodded.

    “You have to explain it all within the hour then” I stated. He sighed and patted the seat next to him, indicating he wanted me to sit down. I put the picture back and headed towards the sofa. I took another sip of the smoothie and sighed.

    “About 2 years ago when you started you career” He started but I quickly cut him off.

    “What is my career?” I questioned.

    “You’re a model” He said, and I almost choked on the smoothie I was drinking. “So it was about 2 years ago that you started modelling. You weren’t very big when you started, and that’s when your manager decided that we would fake date so that you could get some publicity” He told me. I nodded, understanding a little now.

    “So what is it you do for a living?” I asked, taking another sip of the delicious smoothie that Justin had made me.

    “I’m a singer” He stated and then he pulled out his phone. He typed his name into YouTube and clicked on the first video that came up which was ‘Confident’. The video started playing and I focused all my attention on it. I mean he was pretty good, so I could see why he has such a big fanbase.

    “When did we realise we liked each other or loved?” I asked, wanting to try and understand something. I couldn’t be mad at Justin for moving on, not right now when I couldn’t even remember a thing anyway.

    “It was a few months before your accident” Justin shrugged, not really knowing what to say.

    “Do we share a room?” I was wondering about the smaller things as well as the big. Just as Justin was about to answer there was a knock on the door causing Justin to stop what he was about to say and go answer the door. I listen quietly, taking another sip of my smoothie.

    “Gemma? What are you doing here?” Justin sounded stressed, like he didn’t want this girl here.

    “What? I can’t come to see my boyfriend on his birthday?” The girl had a high pitched squeaky voice, and I could tell already I wasn’t going to get along with her.

    “Can you come back some other time?” Justin was pleading that she didn’t come in, I suppose because he didn’t want her to see me. I’m guessing she ignored what Justin had said because within seconds she was in the living room, smiling at me.

    “Oh, hey Ruby. Any news on your sister yet?” The blonde girl asked, but she didn’t seem as if she cared. I opened my mouth to speak, but I saw Justin shake his head at me.

    “I, uh” I didn’t know what to say. Why didn’t Justin want her to know I was awake? “I’m Fae Simpson” I whispered, probably not even loud enough for her to hear. She raised her eyebrow at me, obviously wondering what I had just said. “I’m Fae Simpson” I repeated, this time louder. Her eyes widened, like she was shocked.

    “Have you told her about us?” The girl turned her back on me, looking at Justin. Justin nodded his head which caused the girl to turn back to me and huge grin on her face. “I’m sorry Justin doesn’t love you anymore” She told me, but she didn’t sound as if she were sorry at all.

    “It’s okay, I, uh, I don’t remember” I said quietly. This caused the girl to burst into fits of laughter, she clutched her stomach as she carried on to laugh. I looked at Justin with a frown, not understanding.

    “I think it’s time you left Gemma” Justin stated, causing the girl to stop laughing at look at him seriously.

    “No, I think it’s time she left. I’m your girlfriend” She said rudely.

    “We’ve barely been together for a month. Fae lives here, therefore you leave” Justin was getting angry now. The girl looked unamused as Justin led her out of the house. I was surprised when Justin came back into the room another girl with him. This time it was the girl that is supposedly my best friend. She ran over to me quickly, embracing me into a hug. I wasn’t sure what to do so I awkwardly hugged her back.

    “Fae! I’m so glad you’re okay!” Ariana raced into the room and flung her arms around me, pulling me into a hug.

    “Thanks Ariana” I laughed, feeling awkward. She pulled back, her face full of shock.

    “Y-you remember me?” She asked, tears welling up. I shook my head feeling guilty.

    “I, uh, I saw the picture of us and asked Justin who you were” I replied, I was really beginning to feel guilty for not remember anyone in my life. “Um, should we let my parents know I’m okay or something?” I mostly felt guilty for not remembering my family.

    “I’m not sure how to tell you this” Ariana had a frown on her face, and I knew she wasn’t going to tell me anything good. “Your father passed away a few years ago. And we don’t know where your mother is” She sighed, obviously not wanting to tell me.

    “Well I suppose I don’t have to feel guilty about remembering them then” I awkwardly laughed again, causing the room to fall silent. Ariana stood fiddling with her hands, trying to not feel as uncomfortable as she probably did. “I’m sorry” I mumbled, causing both heads to turn to me.

    “Why are you sorry?” Justin asked, his facial expressions soft.

    “Because this must be hard for you. You have all these memories of me, and I well I have nothing. Just what people tell me” I sighed, practically throwing myself on the sofa.

    “Well then it’s time to make new memories” Ariana smiled, looking calmer. I shrug at her, I guess she’s right.

    “What if I don’t turn out to be the same person I was before?” I questioned, sitting up a little.

    “Then I guess it’ll be fun to see who the new Fae turns out to be” She said, waving her hands about so I would move over on the sofa. She sat down next to me and she then started to tell me about her favourite memory she had of us.


| Ariana Grande |

    I sat watching Fae as she tried to learn how to ride a skateboard. She’s always been that kind of girl, ready to learn and try new things. You wouldn’t think by just looking at her what kind of person she is. She loves a bit of everything. She loves to wear her high heels, but at the same time loves nothing more than to run around in flat shoes. I guess she’s the type of person who only likes things when she’s in the right mood.

    “Ariana! Hold my hand will you!” Fae shrieked, as she nearly fell. “I can’t afford to injury myself when I have an audition for a modelling job” She giggled and I took hold of her hand. She was right, this was her last chance at doing what she wanted and she really could not afford to throw it all away by falling and injuring herself.

    “I’m sure this is it! You’ve been rejected so many times, but I know that you’re up for the job. What was it the last one said?” She pushed her foot of the ground and I jogged beside her as she managed to stay on the skateboard, I still had hold of her hand.

    “They said that I wasn’t passionate enough. That I looked like I didn’t want it enough” She sighed, but a grin appeared on her face when she realised that she wasn’t falling off. I let go off her hand at that point and watched as she skated away from me.

    “You’re doing it!” I called out in happiness, clapping as if I were a retarded seal. She jumped of the skateboard and picked it up, running back towards me.

    “Don’t make it obvious, but there’s a guy behind you totally checking you out!” She whispered, and I slowly turned around to see a guy staring at me. I blushed and turned back to face Fae, shaking my head. “Watch how it’s done” Fae told me, and dropped the skateboard by my side and started walking towards the guy. I watched as she struck a pose at him, and he laughed at her. I couldn’t hear what they were saying or anything, but I could see that they were hitting it off. He handed her a piece of paper and she came back over with a smirk on her face.

    “I got his number for you” She handed me the paper. “His name’s Jai and he’s super cute up close” She wiggled her eyebrows at me.

    “What exactly did you say to him?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

    “Well I started off by tell him about my audition and asking him if he thought I was good enough, which he said I was. Anyway, that’s beside the point. I told him how you’re very much single and that you totally dig cute guys” She laughed. “Then he asked me to give you his number, so there it is” I looked down at the paper, and noticed the scribbly writing with the name ‘Jai’ written at the top and his number written underneath.

    “How can you act so care free around everyone?” I asked, as I watched my best friend pick up the skateboard and run off again.

    “Why should I care what people think of me? I’m Fae Simpson. The only person who can judge Fae Simpson is Fae Simpson herself” She threw her arms up in the air, causing me to laugh again. “I mean, people can and will judge me but they’re not going to affect me.” She quickly said, not wanting to seem arrogant.

    “I know what you mean Fae” I said, she really didn’t need to explain herself to me. I’ve been best friends with the girl for years. Fae held up her skateboard and handed it to me.

    “I really think you should give it a try” She told me, leaving me with holding the skateboard. I shook my head, a look of worry on my face. I was one to worry a lot, and at this particular point in time I’m worried about getting hurt. “Come on Ari, it’ll be fine. I’ll hold your hand and I won’t let go, I promise” She grinned at me. I nodded, and put the skateboard on the floor I put one foot on the board and the other stayed on the ground. I held my hand out for Fae to take, and when I felt her hand securely in mine I relaxed a little. I pushed with the foot that was on the ground, feeling the wind blow through my hand. With both feet on the board now, I started to wobble, but Fae’s grip kept me from falling. I jumped off afraid to fall, but was so glad I had tried it.

    “I’m not doing that again” I stated, as my heart raced face. Fae laughed at my facial expression causing me to laugh too.

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