Fae Simpson, best friend of Ariana Grande and girlfriend of Justin Bieber, was in a terrible accident causing her to wake up from her coma 7 months later with amnesia. Fae can't remember a thing about her life, and has to try and remember her love for Justin. But what happens when she meets Beau Brooks, from the Janoskians? Will everything go back to normal or will Fae choose a different life?


1. I don't know my own name

| Fae Simpson |

    “Fae come on, wake up please. I’ve been so patient these past 7 months. I miss you” I could hear the voice crying out to me, but I couldn’t move. It almost felt like I was paralyzed, I tried to move but nothing would happen. I stayed in the exact same spot I was in. Not even a muscle moved. “I’ve been doing your job for you. People are starting to become suspicious. I can’t keep this up for much longer. The world needs to know what happened to you. I can’t keep pretending to be my twin sister, just so we can have privacy” The voice cried harder. But I didn’t recognise the voice at all, it just seemed so distant.

    “Miss. Simpson I’m afraid visiting hours are over” Another voice had entered the room now, and the crying had stopped. Who was this ‘Miss. Simpson’ that the voice had referred to?

    “You promise me, if she wakes up I’ll be the first to be called?” The first voice sounded panicked.

    “You know I can’t promise that Mr. Bieber is down as her next of kin. He will be the first called” The second voice spoke, she sounded like she was in charge.

    “They’re not even dating for real! This isn’t fair!” The voice was now sounding stressed, but then it was all silent. I felt hands on me, and I tried my best to move somehow, to show some indication that I was okay.

    “Can we have someone in here?!” That second voice shouted out, trying to catch someone’s attention. I heard footsteps run into the room I was in.

    “What happened?” A male’s voice called out.

    “She moved her hand” The second woman said. And then I tried to move again, using all my will to move my hand again. I heard a gasp and then I felt the hands on me. I focused on my legs, trying to kick out. My eyes shot open and I was free. I could move again. I started kicking and waving around.

    “Get off me!” I roared, trying to kick off the hands that were trying to keep me still.

    “Miss. Simpson, please calm down” I looked over to the male’s voice and noticed he was wearing a long white coat. Was he a doctor? Then as I calmed down a little, I took in my surroundings. I was in a small space, just a curtain to separate me from whatever was out there.

    “Who is Miss. Simpson?” I asked, trying to look for that first voice. But she wasn’t there. The man and woman looked at each other, a worried expression filled his face. “We’re going to need to do a few tests” The man told me.

    “W-who are you?” I stuttered, backing away from his touch.

    “I’m DR. Foster, I know this must be very confusing for you” He said. “You were in a car accident, you’ve been in a coma for 7 months” He told me. I tried to think back, but I couldn’t remember a thing. “If you will allow me, I need to shine this light in your eye” He motioned to the light that was in his hands. I felt as if I was going blind when the light shone. “We’re also going to need to ask a few straight forward questions” I nodded, not really knowing what questions he would ask. “Okay, so first question is easy. What is your full name?” I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. I tried hard to think, my name? What was my name? My breathing became fast and I couldn’t breathe.

    “Take deeps breaths. 1… 2… 3…” The woman who was wearing blue told me. I did as she said, and calmed down.

    “I-I don’t k-know my name” I managed to get out. The doctor looked at me with sympathy.

    “Do you know when your birthday is?” DR. Foster asked. I tried to search my mind for a date.

    “March 1st?” I asked, not even sure. He shook his head at me, but looked at me with curiosity.

    “That isn’t your birthday. Where did you get that date from?” He asked me. I shrugged not knowing. “It’s today’s date” He mentioned, looking rather intrigued. He asked me a few more questions which I couldn’t answer. I didn’t know any of the answers.

    “I’ll just call Mr. Bieber now to let him know you’re awake” The nurse beside me let me know. I nodded, not having any idea who Mr. Bieber was. I recognised his name from when I couldn’t move, but that was it.

    “I know how confusing this really must be. But I’m going to give you a few important information” Foster told me. I nodded my head, waiting for him to tell me the information. “You’re name is Fae Simpson”

    “That’s who Miss. Simpson is” I sighed, kind of understanding now.

    “That and your sister” He said. What? How can I have a sister I don’t remember? I tried to put a picture to this sister of mine, but it only made my head hurt. I put a hand to my head, when a girl ran into the room.

    “Oh, Fae! You’re okay!” It was that first voice I heard. But I didn’t recognise her face.

    “Ruby, I need to talk to you outside for a moment” Foster said, and walked the girl out of the room. “Ah, Mr. Bieber. I need to talk to you both before you can see Fae. It seems she hit her head pretty bad” I heard Foster tell the two people who were outside.

    “What does that mean?” The girl sounded panicked.

    “Fae has some slight memory loss” He told them quietly.

    “What do you mean by slight memory loss?” A guy’s voice asked, he sounded pretty stressed.

    “You see Fae, she doesn’t remember anything” Foster sighed.

    “Not a thing?” The guy’s voice again.

    “She didn’t even remember her own name” The curtain pulled back then and I was left to look at the girl who had ran in, and a very attractive guy who was now with her. They both came to either side of me. The guy took hold of my hand.

    “Fae…” He whispered to me, squeezing my hand.

    “Um… I don’t want to be rude. But who are you?” I asked quietly afraid I would come across rude. I looked at them both, waiting for someone to answer.

    “It’s me Ruby. Come one Fae, you have to remember your own sister” Her eyes were watering up. The guy squeezed my hand again, but I just shook my head at her. “Then you don’t remember Justin then” She sighed, putting her head in her hands. I looked over to the guy and shook my head at him too. He didn’t look sad or anything, he just smiled at me grinning like he was extremely happy.

    “I don’t care if you don’t remember me. You woke up and that’s the best birthday surprise anyone could ask for!” He grinned at me again.

    “Today is your birthday?” I questioned. He nodded. The doctor came back into the room.

    “Other than your memory loss Fae, you seem fit enough to go back home” He said and then turned his attention to Ruby and Justin. “You’ll need to do certain things that may help to re-jog her memory. Show her pictures, try and stick to a routine she would usually have done. But just remember don’t get angry when she doesn’t remember. It will take some time” He said.

    It wasn’t until a couple hours later that I actually was able to be released. I followed Justin towards his car, apparently he was going to take me home. Something about me living with him.

    “Justin…” I said to get his attention as we approached a car. He unlocked it and looked at me. “What are you to me?” I questioned. He got in the car and motioned for me to do the same. He looked at me with sad eyes.

    “You’re my girlfriend” He replied, starting the car up. But then I remember what I heard before I woke up.

    “Before I woke up I heard my sister talking to the nurse. She said something about us not dating for real” I wasn’t sure if I should mention it or not.

    “We started dating for publicity, but I guess we just fell in love on the way” He sounded hurt now, and that’s probably because I couldn’t remember.

    “I don’t understand. What do you mean for publicity?” I asked. He sighed, he didn’t seem to be wanting to answer the questions.

    “I’ll be able to show and explain things more to you once we get home” I nodded my head once and kept my mouth shut the rest of the way home.

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