Fae Simpson, best friend of Ariana Grande and girlfriend of Justin Bieber, was in a terrible accident causing her to wake up from her coma 7 months later with amnesia. Fae can't remember a thing about her life, and has to try and remember her love for Justin. But what happens when she meets Beau Brooks, from the Janoskians? Will everything go back to normal or will Fae choose a different life?


7. Ariana still isn't back

| Fae Simpson |

    I was in a really good mood. Nothing could put me in a bad mood. In less than a week I would be with my Harry again. 3 months may not seem like a long time, but when you’re longing to be with this one person you can’t be with it seems like forever. I Skype with Harry almost every day, and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him. It may be silly because we’ve only been together for 6 months but I know what love is and I love Harry. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I hear his voice. I sat in my bedroom listening to Justin’s newest song on the radio. I was flipping through a clothes magazine trying to find some new clothes that I liked, when my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and a huge smile appeared on my face.

    “Hey baby” I chirped. The line was silent the only sound I could hear was his heavy breathing. “Harry, I can hear you breathing” I laughed.

    “I..” He started to talk but cut himself off.

    “You what babe? Come on it’s me you’re talking to, you can tell me anything” I said, flipping the page in the magazine. I laughed a little when I saw myself modelling a dress. I turned the page again and waited for Harry to reply.

    “I can’t come to visit you next week” He told me, it came out a bit rushed but it made perfect sense. I sat up in my chair, my full attention on the conversation.

    “What?” I asked, just to make sure I heard him right.

    “I can’t come to visit you next week” He said again, this time slower.

    “Yeah, I heard that. How come?” I furrowed my eyebrows waiting for a response that would never come. “Babe, if you’ve got to work now instead, just let me know. I’ll fly out to England instead” I smiled, I just wanted to be with Harry and if that meant leave LA for a while, then so be it.

    “That’s not it. You won’t come to England if we’re not together” He sighed. I let out a laugh.

    “But we are together, so I’ll fly out next week” I replied.

    “No. Because we’re not together” My heart sank. Did I just hear him correctly?

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” My voice sounded a little harsh.

    “It means goodbye Fae” And that was it he hung up. I was left with my thoughts about what had just happened. I picked up the teddy bear with the union jack jumper and hugged it to my chest tightly. How did I just lose the one person I loved?


    My eyes flickered open and I had no idea where I was. I looked around the room not recognising a thing. Beau was led beside me, his arms wrapped around me. I pushed him slightly to try and wake him up. He groaned a little but stayed fast asleep.

    “Beau” I pushed him harder and his eyes flickered open. He looked at me, his eyes adjusting slightly but when he focused in on me he smiled. “Where are we?” I asked, taking another look around the room. It was dark so I couldn’t take much of the scenery in.

    “Ariana’s house” He told me and I sat up, propping myself up with my elbows. “You look beautiful when you sleep” Beau’s eyes lit up from the light outside and a smile appeared on my face.

    “Where did Ariana go yesterday?” I asked, realising I had fallen asleep and probably been out of it for a good few hours. Beau looked a little confused and then he must have realised because he then spoke to me.

    “She hadn’t come back by the time I had fallen asleep. And that was…” He picked his phone up and checked the time. “4 hours ago. You should go back to sleep it’s 3:00am” He told me. I nodded my head resting my head on his chest.

    “Actually I need to use the bathroom” I said and got out of bed.

    “Don’t be gone too long” Beau mumbled and I flashed him a smile. I left the room and headed towards the bathroom. Before reaching the bathroom I was distracted by voices coming from downstairs. I turned on my heel changing the direction I was going, and went straight downstairs. Once I reached the living room I saw Jai cuddled up on the sofa by himself, watching the TV.

    “What are you doing awake, Jai?” I asked, making him jump a little. I giggled at the fact that I made him jump and then turned my attention back to what I was asking him. “Jai, what’s wrong?” He had a frown on his lips and I noticed the wet marks down his face.

    “A-Ariana hasn’t c-come back” He told me. I looked over to the clock that was on the wall to see that it was just gone past 3:00am now. She should be back by now, right? Where had she even gone?

    “I’m sure she’s okay” I said, sitting down next to him.

    “She always tells me where she’s going. She should have been back hours ago, but when I try and phone her there’s no reply” Fresh tears fell down his cheeks.

    “Did she tell you where she went?” I asked. If he knew that would be where we first start looking. He nodded his head and replied to me.

    “Ruby’s house” He whispered I nodded and just got up to leave the room without saying anything to Jai. I went back into the room I was sleeping in to see Beau fast asleep again. I shook him lightly, trying to wake him up. Beau was the only way we were going to be able to get to Ruby’s. He’s the only one who could drive.

    “Beau” I said loudly, hoping he would wake up. “Beau!” I yelled, shaking him harder. He groaned opening his eyes, squinting at me. “Beau, I need you to drive Jai and I to Ruby’s” I told him. He just stared at me, not saying anything. “Beau, please” I sighed and he opened his eyes properly.

    “What are you doing?” He asked me looking confused.

    “I need you to drive Jai and me to Ruby’s” I said again. He picked his phone up, checking the time. He turned his phone around to show me it was 3:21am. “Yes I’m aware of the time, now I need you to do this for me” I yanked the bed sheets from him, making him sit up. He swung his legs over the bed and stood up.

    “You’re going to let me sleep after, right?” His voice a little croaky. I nodded at him with a smile and he followed me downstairs. Jai had turned the TV off by now and was staring off into space, he was still curled up under a blanket.

    “Come on Jai, we’re going to Ruby’s. We need to start somewhere, right?” I flashed him a small smile and he wiped his eyes dry. Beau wasn’t paying much attention, he looked like he was concentrating more on trying not to fall asleep. We all made our way into the car and sat in silence as Beau drove us. It was pretty dark out, so the only thing I could see were dark shapes go past the window.

    Once we arrived at Ruby’s house I fumbled around with my keys, hoping I would have a key to the house. I tried different keys in the lock, until I came to the last one. Luckily it fit perfectly and the door opened wide. I smiled at Beau who was stood against the wall, his eyes closed. I took hold of his hand and pulled him inside. Jai followed and shut the door behind him. I put my fingers to my lips to let the boys know to be quiet. Jai nodded, however Beau had already fallen asleep on the sofa in the living room.

    “What would be a good way to wake her up?” I whispered to Jai, I didn’t want to just wake her up. I wanted to do it in style.

    “There’s a piano in the room that you stay in, if we’re loud enough it should wake her up” Jai whispered with a smile. I nodded and slowly walked up the stairs, Jai close behind me. I tiptoed into the room where I saw my suitcase earlier, it still untouched. I spotted the piano almost immediately. I sat on the stool, and my fingers brushed over the keys. Jai was now sat on the bed, he watched me as I touched the keys lightly. I saw the piano sheets and picked them up to look at. I closed my eyes and put my fingers on the keys and started playing the piano. I was surprised when it actually sounded good. The piano echoed around the room and I heard the stumbling coming from Ruby’s room. I continued to play, it all coming back to me. The more I played the more I realised that I hadn’t forgotten.

    “What the fuck are you doing?” I heard the groan from behind me. My fingers stopped playing and I turned my head around to see Harry looking extremely tired and sleepy.

    “I don’t want to talk to you” I stated harshly. And turned back to face the piano. I wasn’t here to talk to Harry, I was here to find out where Ariana was. Jai stayed sitting on the bed, he didn’t say a word.

    “Well tough, I’m the only one here so you’re going to have to talk to me” He replied back. I shot my head back towards him and narrowed my eyes.

    “Why should I have to talk to you?” I raised my voice. “My ex-boyfriend who is sleeping with my sister?” I was shouting now. He looked taken back by my response.

    “As if you even remember, Ruby’s told me all about the accident” He shot back me, his tone of voice sounding harsh.

    “Oh Harry I remember. I remember how you broke my heart, but still I love you” I laughed a little. “How can I still love you when you broke me?” I shouted at him, tears rolling down my cheeks. Jai sat awkwardly on the bed, he looked like he wanted to leave.

    “Me? You broke me first” He shouted back, but I just shook my head.

    “I never cheated” I whispered. He stared at me, looking sad.

    “How would you know? You don’t remember anything!” He was angry now I could see that. I shook my head again.

    “If I don’t remember how come I remember that look on your face after I kissed Luke for a dare?” I sighed, trying to not let him get to me.

    “It’s easy enough for anyone to tell you that I was jealous. I had a right to be” He told me, crossing his arms over his chest.

    “I lost my virginity to you the night of the fashion show. It was the first time you went to one of the shows I was in. You were so convinced I had had sex with Justin. But you were so wrong” Fresh tears spilled down my cheeks. “I never had sex with Justin. I was never even in a relationship with Justin. It was all for publicity and you wouldn’t let me explain that to you. You didn’t give me a chance to tell you the truth. That day you thought I was cheating I was literally just spending the day with a friend. Because that’s what friends do, they hang out together” I cried, Jai had now moved from the bed next to me on the stool and was holding me close. Harry stood by the door shocked, he didn’t know how to react.

    “Now, tell me where Ariana is” I sighed, pulling away from Jai and wiping my eyes with the end of my sleeves.

    “She’s at the police station” He sighed, I looked at him with a shocked face.

    “Wh-why would she be there?” Jai asked, stuttering slightly.

    “Ruby got angry. She has a short temper you know? She assaulted Ariana, the cops got called and they were both taken to the station” Harry told us. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you to see what you did” Harry scratched his neck looking embarrassed. “Ruby assured me we were alone” He looked to the ground.

    “I don’t care what you have to say, it’s just sad that you stooped that low” I sighed getting up from the piano stool and walking out of the room, pushing past Harry. Jai followed me out of the room. “Why do you keep following me?” I snapped at Jai and then felt bad instantly. He looked at the floor frowning. “I’m sorry” I pulled him into a hug, it wasn’t fair to take it out on Jai. I wasn’t mad at him, I was mad at Harry.


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