Cut to deep

She is a victim of her own mind and people were it is finally time and she will give up.

One this book is over we will have a sequal
the squal will be when she is heaven and she comes back as a angle and she startes to look over people


5. Chapter4.......................The day Lily goes to school

Lena's P.O.V

Im going to school greet you dont know how much i fucking hate school i only go so i can she my crushes face LILY yes i know she is my bullier but come on she is gorgoes i am just said because i know she does not like me back nor does she ever want to go out with a worthless fag like me. 


I get to my locker and i open it and something falls out 'well this is the first' i picked i picked up the note and read it it said " Hi Lena meet me in the court yeard after first period            love, Lily" great what she is going to beat me up just like my father or she going to pressure me to do meth just like my mother? 


Lily's P.O.V

I just hope Lena got my note because it is my only time to be alone and i would like to say so many things to her because like she is so goddamn beautiful. I just hope she like me back but probly not because because she is not bisexual or is she? Because like in 6 th grade before she ever started to get bullyed she was going out with a girl names Alexies Hudges. 


The bellringes to go to first period

Narrator:  Lena is still trying to decide on wreather on not to meet Lily or not but she gets inturupted by the horible sound of Alexies Huges, yes the girl she went out with in 6 grade Alexies is another bully that is part of Lily's 'group' 


Lena decides to skip first period and just go stright to the court yard and wait but it looks like Lily had the same plan. 











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