Cut to deep

She is a victim of her own mind and people were it is finally time and she will give up.

One this book is over we will have a sequal
the squal will be when she is heaven and she comes back as a angle and she startes to look over people


6. Chapter 5...................Court yard

Lena P.O.V 

I was so scared when i saw Lily coming tords me like i was so sacred because 1) I like her 2) she is so mean to me. i just came because i wanted to know what she wanted to talk about or if she was going to beat me?


Lilly P.O.V 

Dude i was scared to show up, but i saw Lena there and i didnt want it to be to obice that i like her you know? But i saw Lena siting under the sun and her hair just glowed like dimonds in the sea and her eyes did the same. She tunred around her hair wiped like a wave and it was so awesome i stoped and just starred at her. 


Lena P.O.V 

I tunred around and she just stop walking and starred at me like she was like eye fucking me or wierd shit but i didnt understand could she like me? probly not because if she did than why the hell would she be so fucking mean.


Narrator: Nether one of them know that each other like them so they are like so confused


Lilly P.O.V 

I stoped to see my phone because it was Alexies texting me saying 'I know were you are and what you are doing just dont forget the plan Lil' I stoped to think than i rememberd the plan. I put my phone in my pocket and i start to walk turned Lena some more so i can sit next to her and talk


Lena P.O.V 

she had stoped starring and cheeked her phone for some unknown reason and than she started to walk over so i pull my sleeves evan more down so i can make sure she dont see my cuts/scares 


Narrator: They sit next to each other and start to talk

'Well hey Lena i see you got my note i leaved in your locker"

"Yeah i did Lilly' 'Why do you want me to meet you in the court yard?"

"well i really want to talk to you"


"well you see i really like you and like you are so goddamn beautiful'

Lena startes to blush a little than she stoped because she startes to think did she like this hole time or does she have the picture of my boobs? or does she have some evil plan going on with her and her little bitch of friends?

'You have liked me"

"yes for quit some time and i wanted to know if you like me? by any chance"

"why should i like you? you have been nothing but cruel to me since the 7th grade'

'Well you see the squad had makes me be mean to you but everytime i say something mean i regert it with my heart i really do i hope you forgive me"

"im not really sure but i will think about it............bye"

Lenas P.O.V 

After the conversation i walk on home and lay on my bed to thinka bout it i just think there is some evil plan behind this


Lilly P.O.V

She lefted and i got up and headed back to class i text Alexis and say "step one complete girl'

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