Cut to deep

She is a victim of her own mind and people were it is finally time and she will give up. One this book is over we will have a sequal the squal will be when she is heaven and she comes back as a angle and she startes to look over people


4. Chapter 3...........................Lilly P.O.V

          Hi my name is lily i have no secrets i just like to make people feel bad because im just happy making people feel like crap but i do have this crush (yes i am gay) I have this crush on a girl i pick on, names Lena she is so fucking beautiful. I only pick on her because of my squad makes me but i regert every last word i say. I am sure i will make it up to her. Because something is telling me that she does something wrong. And that is the only person i hate picking on. She is so fucking beautiful i mean DAMN COME ON. 

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