Cut to deep

She is a victim of her own mind and people were it is finally time and she will give up.

One this book is over we will have a sequal
the squal will be when she is heaven and she comes back as a angle and she startes to look over people


3. Chapter 2....................... Jason P.O.V

             Hi my name is Jason i have some secrets also.

1) I have walked into my sisters room and found he crying and trying to commit suicide.......twice

2) I know my sister gets abused 

3) I know I am a horrible brother

          My name is Jason well of course, I had moved out because my father, Its been 3 mouths since i had moved out and my sister keeps asking to move in with me because she hates it over there. I am so stupid for not taking her with me like how stupid can i freaking be? But for her witch is in 6 days i am going to pick her up so she can live with me because i have a two story house and i am a very good brother. 

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