Cut to deep

She is a victim of her own mind and people were it is finally time and she will give up.

One this book is over we will have a sequal
the squal will be when she is heaven and she comes back as a angle and she startes to look over people


2. Chapter 1..........Lena P.O.V

           Hi my name is Lena I have been bullied for a long time, I have many secrets.

1) I've been raped a total of 5 times, all by different people.

2) I have been cutting for over 1 year now. 

3) I had a friend name Dwayne he said that he was the 'one', and i believed him and then I made this worse decision in my life, I had sent him a pic of me and my boobs. 

4) I am a victim of many, many, many thing you wont even believe me if I told you.  

          So, yes those are some of my deepest and darkest secrets. I was put in a mental hospital because i had cut to deep one day. I had gotten out of the hospital, and i had went right back to cutting and smoking. No one had ever took me seriously before i mean NO-ONE. I am to scared to share my family issues with anyone because im scared they will not believe me. My father is very abusive and my mother is a junkie and a meth head. One time she offered me to have me and i said no than my father abused me in-till i said yes. That night i had cut a total of 7 times and sorta deep to. My father will sit there and abuse me for nothing. My best friends mom dont let me hang out with my best friend anymore because she found out that i was bisexual. She says it not how god made us. Thats a nether reason why i cut because, god wants us to be happy right? And people say that he made us the way we are today? Than why did he make me bisexual people just dont understand fully. I get bullied at school i get called fag,emo,worthless,whore,slut anything you can think of I've been called it. 

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