Love is a weird thing.

Love is a weird thing. You can love someone so much that you hate them for it.


2. Chapter 2: Calum Hood and Fans.

O the plane I listen to Green day American Idiot. That song helps me hide my feelings. I'm excited, but I'm also scared. I haven't spoke to Luke in 3 years. He called me once, to tell me he was going on tour and he can get me free tickets to his shows. He was crying. I was weird. He didn't sound happy. Like he sounded like he was a total wreck. Then suddenly all these thoughts go through my head. What if he changed. Is that why he didn't call me? Does he hate me? Did I do something wrong? 

I fall asleep in this mess of thoughts. 

I wake up to someone shaking me. "What the hell?" I say not thinking. I look up to see the flight attendant. "Good morning miss. We have landed." She says in a nasty tone. I roll my eyes and get up. "Wait! You are Luke Hemmings's sister!!"She yells as I get out of my seat. I groan. "Yeah. So what?" I say sounding probably to annoyed."o my gawd! Can I get your autograph?" She says very excitedly. I groan again."Oh my gawd. Are you serious? One minute your being a bitch to me THEN you find out i'm famous and you love me. No. I will not give you my autograph." I say then storming out of the plane. God. How does Luke deal with these people?

I get off the plane to people yelling 'Luke's sister!' 'Slut' 'Whore'  And more stuff. I get into the airport pick up area and instantly see Calum ,Luke's friend, being attacked by crazy fans. I run over there and security picks me up firefighter style. "Are you kidding me? I'm Luke's sister!" I yell. They put me down. "Sorry miss." One says. "You better be." I say. God i'm cranky. "Hey Maddy! Luke is at the house. He ordered pizza and he had to wait for it." He explains. "K. I'm hungry so les go!" I say he laughs.

I have to admit. He was damn right cute. We drive in silence. I was kinda staring at him. He must have noticed. "Like what you see?" He says jokingly. I laugh awkwardly. "You don't look like Luke. Honestly, you look like Ashton a little bit" he says. " I was adopted when I was a year old. But I don't care. Luke is my brother and my best friend. Nothings gonna change that." I say as we drive into the driveway of the house I lived in for 13 years. It looked the same. But the garage had '5 seconds of summer' written on the garage. I chucked at that.  Luke came out of the house yelling " You totally cheated! I would've won!" He yells. He didn't notice me. "Calum please tell Micheal to stop cheating at FIFA!" Luke says again. Calum giggles. Luke turns around and sees me. He freezes and just stands there.

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