Temptation For Death

There is no description you must read to find out she does't want to be put in the description of this story I've said too much already but remember you must absolutely read to find all


2. Temptation Two : Parents

"Amy my baby were have you been we were worried about you"My mom Amanda said.(Both parents are in their 40's) I looked down in and shame hot tears of disappointment in myself slide down my face.

"Amy what's wrong honey ?"My loving father/doctor asked me and started to rub my back.

"OWWW !!!!"I yelped in pain.

"Are you ok honey." my mom asked worriedly.Which made me cry harder.Making me remember this morning before I left.

"No mom look at my back."I said 

"Oh my!!!!!"My mom screamed when she saw my back making me cry even harder.My dad looked next and if looks could someone would be having a horrific death right now.

"Who did this ?!!!!!!"By dad's voice boomed like a bomb.








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