Temptation For Death

There is no description you must read to find out she does't want to be put in the description of this story I've said too much already but remember you must absolutely read to find all


1. Temptation One : Boyfriend





"you know that I love you Amy and I told you babe she kissed me ok your evil best friend kissed me."Jackson told me

"Jack I'm so sorry but I can't do this anymore I..............................I can't be with you it's too much and every time I know that you're lying to me I can see right through you so why even bother with it huh why make me suffer pain because I won't have sex with you I told you I'm not ready and at the rate we are going I never will be."  

"This isn't pain Amy this is me getting aggravated and I know how to stop I don't even know why I'm around here wasting time with you when you don't love me"He said back to me.

"Me not love you I never said that and you know I don't feel like you could give two shits about me Jack and all you want is sex and you don't want me so I'm done I'm done with you and all your f-ing bullshit Jack"I say angrily then start to walk off only to roughly be pulled back again by Jack.

"Where the hell do you think your going"he said now pulling me to the car.

"Jack you asshole I demand you let me go NOW!"I scream at him .

"No nobody leaves me until I get what I want and I always get what I want."he says as a flash of coo coo is now in his eyes which was scaring the hell out of me.He pulled me to the car and that's when my nightmare began I screamed and cried never moaning in pleasure not moaning at all because you you know what losing your virginity to the guy you thought you loved but hate is a bitch.In the morning I woke up in his bed flashes of my nightmare went through my mind and I started to cry but then quickly after my crying turned into sobs and I knew I promised my parents and I lied to their faces.My parents trusted me and I betrayed them what kind of daughter am I.I don't deserve parents like them I deserve to be an orphanage or better yet I shouldn't have been born.I want to die and that's that I won't change my mind die-ing is the only way all my problems and nightmares will be fixed.Right in the middle of my sobs Jack came in.

"Hey did you enjoy last night I know I did."Jack said I looked at as though he was crazy which he was 

"Jack look at me do I look like I had fun hell no I didn't have fun."I tell him straight with the angriest and coldest tone I could muster.

"Why didn't you then?"he asked

"Oh I don't 'cause I didn't want it and most importantly I didn't want you matter of fact I don't want you "I say angry only to see him angry too.

"You do know I would have let you go but now your mine for as long as I want every night."He said 

"What the hell are you trying to do get me pregnant asshole"I say coldly with every word dripping with vinium.

"No why would I want a child like you who don't want to f*** on a regular basis"He said and chuckled.

"Because they have a better chance at being independent and won't make the same mistake I did."I retort rudely.At that one moment anger was in his eyes.The next thing he did wasn't like him he picked me up and slammed me on the stone wall he had in his room making me cry in pain.You know I don't know why I'm doing this my life has been a living hell fir as long as I can remember and I'm sick of it my parents have tried to make it better but they have to realize that this isn't a broken arm that hurts like f*** all the time in fact it's not physical at all it's all emotional and I don't want to go through it anymore I want to die and that's all there is to it so all I have to say is F*** LIFE!!!!!!!!

"You know what Jack I only want one favor to ask you now since I drove you crazy."I say

"And what the hell would that be Aim's ?"he says clearly trying to control his anger.

"Kill me."I say straight not even hesitantly

"Why the hell would I do that"he ask

"I wanna die and I want it to be scary painful forgetting everything bad about my life."

"No I will not kill because I don't want to go to jail so if you wanna be a f***ing weirdo and kill yourself you got to do that somewhere else."he said pushing me out the house.My home wasn't too far from here so I decided to walk home.




****( So right about now you guys probably hate me for the short chapter but hey at least I updated and this is the only story I have two chapter that I have really typed on so.I hope you liked this chapter and if not I would prefer you send me a comment so I can make the story better 

BYE!!!!!!! )****


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