3. the problem

Rylee's pov

I woke up with a head ack I must of been really drunk yesterday to have such an awful hang over today I stood up and decided to skip showering and just get dressed I put on some light blue denim Pants with a purple half crop top and my Black vans I curled my hair then threw it into a messy bun with my side burns hanging out on the sides. U then started making breakfast for me and Emma and her guy friend I started making chocolate chip pancakes with some fried eyes that I turned into an omelet I put out 3 plates with the food on them and called down Emma of course her friend tagged along umm em I said rolling my eyes who is this? "That's Liam,Liam pain" ahh mr pain the one in my grade "yeah..." Emma he's to old for you "I don't care at least he likes me" we were talking as if Liam was not standing right there I soon finished and realised I had work today I ran out the house and down the street to the bar I'm a bar tender we'll waitress and guess who I seen Louis, Niall, Harry and zayn and who could forget there tag along Cassie haha I'll probs go and work there table today I'm feeling risky right this moment I was walking over to there table when I slipped and fell I blacked out

Cassie's pov

I watched her fall I watched rylee fall and I watched her not get up I watched the ambulance come get her I watched her brother and sister get on with her I watched them give me dirty looks and worst of all that's all I did I just watched it all happen with no emotion no change in my state of mind I was still laughing with Niall and my crew I was still smiling I was a bad best friend I ditched her to be popular I ditched her when she needed me and now I'm ditching her while she's hurt I turned to Niall "do u think um that girls gonna be um okay?" I asked a little bit hoping he says she's gonna be alright then lean in and kiss me but of course he didn't in sted he says "no I don't think she is" he was frowning it's not like Niall to worry or ponder of others especially over a girl that I'm positive he has never payed any attention to his whole life considering I have payed attention to both of them hoping the two shall never cross paths.

Yet again why am I worried I mean he would never like rylee she's to classical yet so care free and he's dark and mistericaly care free but never classical so the two will never mix up but me on the other hand I'm sexy misterious and dark with a dab of care free no sauger just spice and something's nice . I know your problem is that I'm I bad friend, oh great the voices in my head are talking directly to me like I'm in a whole other body Jesus Christ I need to tell Niall that rylee is my friend but I just don't know how we'll like I always say better now then later- so um Niall I've got to tell u something "yeah Cassie?" Okay so you know that rylee girl "mmhm". She's kinda my best friend/ sister " so u can hook us up?" Um no I think Lou likes her at the moment "oh shit yeah I forgot about that". So Niall I heard u had a party and did not invite me also that u were being superman ? " oh that party was a blast rylee and Lou were grinding and all up on each other...." I cut him off woah rylee was there u invited her and not me ? I got up and left I was not letting rylee ruin what I had bilt up oh no rylee is gonna pay

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