2. the party

"Rylee get ur ass up" but dad it's Saturday "Saturday my ass I have work and ur brother is gone" okay I say up and looked at the clock it's 6:50 in the afternoon dad is Emma still home "no no sheet hours ago". Okay dad so I'll be home alone until what tomorrow "yeah" okay by daddy I stood on my tip toes and kissed. Him on his cheek "by rylee" he left I was all alone in my home I desired a walk I got dressed in some sweats and a blue jack wills hoodie and my nike shoes and I left to the park I ended up falling asleep on a park bench.

Nialls pov

I woke up mad as always my little sister was jabbering on and on about some Emma girl like. Jeez I know she's bi but hell I don't care about it I walked out straight out of my house and to the nearest park I walked up to a bench and sat down I looked over and some guys were undressing a girl who seemed to be asleep I guess right now I'll be superman-get off of her I said as I started walking over to her is picked her up and took her home I went to my room and but tend up her shirt then laid her in my bed and after I got a good look at her I realised she was beautiful and also that I knew her from some wear like maybe school I just can't put I finger on her name but I do know that I know her she's the schools nerd that's who she was it's it's rylee she opened her eyes "um Niall why am I in ur bed". I saved you from being raped in the park "thank you Niall really but I have to go" she got up and I opend my room door them let her out I led her down to my front door and she left me I wanted her to stay but I have a party to throw later on to night and I have a crush already who I know likes me Cassie oh Cassie would flip if she knew the schools nerd I mean rylee was hear I mean damn how stupid could I be I called over Lou and Harry to help set up the party we set out chips dip and some nandos fries then we got a few movies out and I got rooms ready for frisky teens I hid all my moms expensive things and I got out the beer tons and tons of beer then I got out the little boles full of condoms and set them in every room let me just say my house is not gonna be wear some teens consumed a baby haha not tonight any way I looked at the time 9:21 people should be hear soon I headed out around my street and gave out 100$ to every one on my block so that we could have the noise as loud as my block only could hear it soon hundreds of people started pulling up and coming in for my Christmas blow out party "hey man I have to go get my date" Lou said as he rushed out damn he must be late picking her up.

Lou's pov

I was running late it was 12:01 I'm one min late I pulled up to her house and knocked on the door "yes" im hey Emma is rylee hear I said kind of worried she forgot about tonight "yeah she is rylee Louis is hear for you" she said as she motioned me in I sat on the couch in the living room and looked around damn was rylee cute as a baby I looked up and seem her in some black tights with some jean high wasted shorts and a call of duty advanced war fare half shirt that showed her belly with some moustache suspenders and some white air wair's damn did she look good tonight "what u staring at Louis" she said looking behind her oh um nothing but I like your hair " thx I tried my best flat ironing it" you did great I said as I opend my car door for her when we pulled up I rushed to her side and opened the door for her then walked her in when we got inside she seemed jumpy but I let it go then Niall came in the room "hey Lou your back I need you to tell me something". What is it I said slightly annoyed " am I ugly?" No man why do u ask "earlyer a girl left my house and did not even try to stay or look at me" then he looked up and seen rylee he looked at her weird then said "I was her superman when I could of left her alone to be raped and she did not even give me a kiss of thanks" Niall Niall calm down I'm sure she's thankful when I looked over I seen rylee walked off and came back drunk damn was she fast and beautiful she kissed Niall on the cheek and said thanks then she grabbed my hand and rushed me off to dance with her let me tell you that girl can grind and I thought she was a good girl haha boy I thought wrong "Louis" -why is she talking while we're grinding? "Yeah rylee" - is she trying to start a convo? "Forget what You thought okay good girls are bad girls that haven't been cought" - wow that makes me want a good girl "and Louis I'm one of them"- I kinda fingerd that as far as it goes "rylee I like you,..your different"- did I really just say that Louis willam Tomlinson what have u done "Louis I like you to" we were looking into each other's eyes I grabbed her waist and she put her arms on my cheeks I lend in and so did she we kissed and it was we'll amazing I did not know she could even do such things with her tong I thought she would resist me but hear I was kissing her I was kissing rylee.

As the night ended she was waisted but I got her some water and she soon sobered up then we ate some chips It was late around 9:00 am I decided to take her home on the car ride she fell asleep she looked to peaceful I stopped my car in the drive way got out then got her out I carried her to her door and searched for a spare key with my free hand un locked the door and took her to a room put her in a bed and left after I locked the house door man oh man she was just fantastic

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