1. intro

I walked into my room it was Friday so I'm guessing my dad is at work but then again it's only 4:25 am he could be sleeping either way I'm up I grabbed my robe and walked into my kitchen I heard talking I looked around the corner mom was home she was talking to my dad I desired to stay but I knew it would be better if I just walked back up to my room then again why was mom hear any ways? I decided to stay and listen for a while "joe I want full custody" my mom seemed determined she was talking with her hands "I'm keeping rylee"my dad pleaded I'm guessing there having another custody fight over me my little sister Emma and my big brother skyler little they know that were all old enough to pick we're we wanna stay they can't choose for us and skyler is off to college in a week or two it's there losses that every time mom and dad talked it was about us kids or the house or how mom needed dad to live witch dad never fell for I mean who would if Lisa-Ann was ur wife and she cheated then beated on your youngest kid then she goes around and divorced you yeah like hell fuck you for thinking she was gonna get away with it.

I slowly walked up the steps and into Emma's room "hey em you up" I asked quietly "yeah I am". "Come with me to sky's room?" I said she got up and walked with me to my brothers room. "Is mom hear?" Asked my now awaken brother "yeah" with that we climed into his bed and went to sleep in there we were close siblings always have been although there both annoying and somewhat over protective I love them anyway.


It was now 6:45 I had to get ready for school I walked out of sky's room with Emma following closely behind me we split when we got to are rooms I walked into my room took off my robe then my pjs and picked out an outfit I chose a navy blue dress that just covered up my butt with some ripped tights and my Black air wair's I went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth after that I flossed then I started with my make up I went with a light tan color for my eyes and red lips with some foundation I walked out of my bathroom and over to my closet I bent down to grab a jack wills jacket and grabbed my phone then I left my room I headed down the steps and grabbed an apple and turned to my brother I'll be home at least by 7:00 I grabbed my Keys then walked out the house I got in my bmw I drove off at school once I arrived I seen him my crush Niall Horan I was not nearly good enough for him so as normal I walked pass him with my head down I was truthfully the schools only girl nerd that still dressed and talked with pride.

I went to my locker and got out the books I needed then I went to my best possible friend Cassie she was popular the most popular girl in school so she hardly talked to me during school hours but after school it was a rule free talking fest as I approached her she was talking with Niall as normal I looked at her and she shooed me away in fear of me ruing her popularity so I walked into first period and sat In my assigned seat I waited for the first bell to ring to get out my notes from the other day the teacher came around and collected it the late bell went off and in walked Cassie,Niall and his possi as normal Louis sat next to me he smiled and asked for my notes so he's not far behind as the good person I am I slid my paper over once he was finished he smiled and thanked me and for once he started a conversation with me of all people "hey rylee I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but u have really pretty eyes" I looked up from my paper thanks "I was wondering if you would like to hang out with me" like u mean alone with you " no. With my friends haha" yeah I knew that but ur friends don't like me. " we'll were friends so they will try and show intress just don't wear ur glasses". What,how am I gonna see "I'll get u contacts and I'll pick u up" what day is this exactly? "Saturday night I'll pick u up at midnight" okay


I walked into my front door and crashed onto my couch ugh I hate the fact that I'll never have a chance to show Niall the sexy me it won't all fit into 2hours but 2 is better than zero I guess I turned on adult swim and laid there I soon fell asleep

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