4. changed

Rylees pov

I woke up at Lou's house I guess he just desided to take me home ? Haha I sat up and walked down stairs it was 12:00pm we'll like in the afternoon I checked a phone that was in the kitchen counter it was Friday of the next week damn I was out for a while I started looking for a pot and some eggs then I looked for pancake batter to make breakfast to be honest I don't care who's house I'm in I'm makeing breakfast for me and we'll others I guess after I was done I started eating then I found my self looking at family pictures Lou was related to the griers haha I know them because me cousin Cameron is like best mates with those goof balls I turned around the Corner to bump right into Lou's brother hi ? I said kind of we'll startled "who the hell are you?" Um I'm rylee Lou's guest I guess "I'm carter Lou's big brother I'm 19 so no u can't date me". We'll I like Louis anyway so good for me I guess I got in the couch and started jumping screaming yay I don't have to worry about carter I never thought if Lou's family was home witch I'm guessing they weren't and neither was Lou, I'm were is Louis ? " he left for are family thingy he has to help my mom and her sisters sing to battle the carpenders I looked at him puzzled I'm a carpender I said pointing to my self and before I knew it he picked me up and threw me out I walked home and seen the battle I stood next to Emma and started helping sing wildest dreams with Emma and sky and dad we were pretty good but I had to sing off alone with Lou oh great he will hear my terrible voice but I had to do it I just had to I stepped out and started

He said let's get out of this town

Drive out of the city away from the crowds

I thought heaven can't help me know nothing lasts forever but this is gonna take me down

He's so tall and handsome as hell

He's so bad but he does it so we'll

I can feel the end as it begins... Then I stopped I let him sing then we joined I guess we're doing a duet this year with the tomlinsons haha last year it was the mendeses but yeah I guess this is what it's come to.


I sat up It was just a stupid dream of us singing my song like really how could my sister and brother and Lou pass it off as a friends gathering sing practise I'm so fucking stupid but I feel as if the dream was real, I looked around the room it was Emma's great I'm not a Lou's I got up and instantly felt light headed I dizzily walked down the hall way and came to see my cousin Cameron with his group of friends and his little sister vittia ran to me I hugged her then I said hi to the people that were in my house the door bell rang I ran to the door and opend it I backed up a little it was Cassie I let her in she looked at Cameron and Nash ( she has a crush on them) then she looked at me " we need to talk alone" she said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me into my room "look Niall likes you and Lou likes you and nash and Liam so I suggest you stay away from my friends you know how long it took me to get this far and we'll honestly I don't care if were best friends I'm not letting you get in my way of being this way forever" before I could say a word she left my room and out the front door she went( man was she a bitch at times) I ran down the hall way and grabbed my glasses I ran into my bathroom and began my makeover I'm going to be a full blown preppy girl I put on my make up and I put on a little high waisted skirt and a black crop top with some black flats with little white bows on them I put my hair in a high pony tail with a curled bottom I took my glasses off and put in blue contacts I already have freckles and I have blue and pink braces I walked out of the bathroom and called Lou I told him to come meet me at star bucks.

Lou's pov

I woke up and my boxers were wet damn I had a wet dream about rylee again I've been having these and morning wood lately I got up took a shower then put on a blue shirt with a gray hoodie and some skinny jeans with a pair of converse all star's and headed out to do some things for my mother funny thing is I got a text from rylee while I was out and we never exchanged numbers

Rylee loves food : hey lou bear meet me at star bucks ;)

I was surprised but happy I just got out of going to buy pads for my mother and adult diapers for my grandmother yesh it's scary just thinking about it . I headed off to star bucks only to find a sexy girl waiting for me in rylee's spot I walked over because hey who else would dare sit there-hey rylee I said as I was sitting down, "hey Lou, look I like you and all so this needs to be official" (woah official that's a big step my first official relationship) um yeah I feel were u coming from -"so Lou either you wanna call me yours or u don't " - we'll rylee I want to I do I just...-"just what"-I really don't wanna mess up on you like break your fragile heart-"Louis I promise I'll be fine"- we'll then rylee marie ann do u wanna be my girlfriend?-"yes I do Louis willam" then oh then I bet u did not see this coming she gets up and walks out of Starbucks and it only maid me want her more

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