True Perfection

Sequel to Christmas of Perfection. What happened to Brittany, Chance, Gabe and Madison? They're still in New York, but this is a crazy ride, and it's not over yet...


20. Who is this? *Delilah Taylor*

They kept walking and they didn't stop. Until Chance saw someone. He had no idea who it was, but they looked familiar. Thinking, he tried to figure out who this person was. He couldn't think of it. 

"Chance? What's wrong?" Brittany asked, trying snap him out of it. He didn't respond. Who is that girl? The girl turned to meet his stare. 

She was thinking the same as Chance, who is this? The girl approached him and she looked at him confused. 

"May I ask your name. You look so familiar... Would you happen to be Chance Taylor?" She asked. He nodded. 

"Yes, I'm Chance... May I ask your name?" he said. 

"Delilah Taylor... I'm your sister." she said. 

Chance looked like he was about to grab his head and scream. This was overwhelming him, and he just wanted to get away from it. The whole reason he was here was to escape from the overwhelming stuff that has been going on. Now he had a sister, and he was standing in an airport with her. 

"I'm sorry, but I have to go. I just...." he said as he started walking away as fast as he could without running. Brittany followed, and Delilah stood there watching as they left. She wiped a tear from her cheek and she turned away. She couldn't watch her brother walk away from her. 

"Good-bye Chance...." she whispered to herself. She walked away and tried to shake this pain away. She wanted Chance to be a part of her life, but he was scared she was lying. She could tell he was scared. He had probably met Edward, and that must have scared him. When Edward showed up at her door, she wanted to send him out. He explained, and he hugged her. She hugged him back, and sent him away. She didn't want him in her life, it was her decision. She needed to find her brother, and that was the main thing. Edward was not the man she wanted to call her father. She wanted to be a fatherless girl. Not because she didn't want a parent, but because he was not the type of man that she wanted to be her father. 

Chance was her brother for sure, and she wanted him to see that she loved him. She had only gotten to live with him for five years. She wanted him to be in her life now. If he didn't want her, it was his choice, and she wanted to accept that. But, losing her brother once was hard enough, and now she was losing him again. 

"I want my brother... Chance, I love you." she thought to herself as she walked in the opposite direction of him. She thought she might lose him forever. She might, but she had to keep going. Tears poured down her face without warning, and she couldn't stop them from coming. She thought she lost her brother. She just saw how amazing he had become, and she couldn't stop him from leaving. He left her... She wanted to find him. 

Suddenly, she found herself running in the direction he had went in, and she saw him ahead. She found herself chasing him down. She couldn't lose him again. 

"Chance, please wait!" she screamed at him. He turned to face her, and he gripped Brittany's hand tighter. She still had tears pouring down her face, and mascara streaming. He let go of Brittany's hand, and he embraced his sister. His beautiful sister, Delilah. His twin sister.... He found his family. And, he wasn't going to lose it again. 

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