True Perfection

Sequel to Christmas of Perfection. What happened to Brittany, Chance, Gabe and Madison? They're still in New York, but this is a crazy ride, and it's not over yet...


3. School day in New York

They woke up with their heads on their books. Last night was exhausting. It took almost all night to get their homework done, but they got it done. It was so boring. 

"Morning." Gabe said. They all rubbed their eyes. They were still exhausted. Chance got up, and opened the door to find cinnamon rolls. Krissi outdid herself again. They all got up like zombies and walked to the table and sat down. Chance knew they couldn't go to school like this. 

"We need caffiene. Coffee, or Mountain Dew?" he said. 

"Mountain Dew." Gabe said. The rest of the group nodded. Chance opened the fridge. The pulled out a 2 liter bottle, and poured everyone some. This was going to be quite a day. 

They rushed to get ready for school and the crazy laughter started again. They were wide awake now.

"What are we laughing about? We need to get ready for school." Madison said, still laughing. They shook their heads, because non of them knew why they were laughing again. Once the laughter died down, they walked out the door, hand in hand. Today was going to be a weird day and that was for sure. But, they were weird too. As they walked out the door, they saw the bus coming and they started running out to catch it. They got on just in time. As they sat down, they caught their breath. 

"Oh, my gosh. I really should have went to my bed. My back is sore." Brittany said to Chance. He nodded, and answered. 

"Mine too. I really should have slept in the bed. I hate homework." Chance said. She agreed. She was a straight A student, but that didn't mean that she had to like homework. But, she always got it done, and never slacked off. Chance did only on rare occasions. He knew he had to keep up with everything. He wanted to act like he was raised by adults, not on his own. Gabe, and Madison wanted the same thing. But, it wasn't easy to act like they had a normal childhood. 

They pulled into the school. Gabe and Madison were the first to stand up, hand in hand. Brittany and Chance stood up next, and made their way into the long line of people. They stepped off the bus, and they walked in their own little group. Nobody had tried to join the group, they were just that little group of couples. it was weird for anyone else, but for them, it was a family, not a group. They were a family.

"So, did you get all your English done?" Gabe asked Brittany. She nodded. First period was gonna be weird. They all had the same class, but today was just weird. Something was different about today, Brittany just hoped it was something good. They all did. 

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