True Perfection

Sequel to Christmas of Perfection. What happened to Brittany, Chance, Gabe and Madison? They're still in New York, but this is a crazy ride, and it's not over yet...


2. NY

Gabe shoved Madison off the bus, and he climbed off after. 

"Hey! What was that for?" Madison said, grinning. Gabe punched her arm. That's Gabe being Gabe. He had gained some more self-esteem over the past few years. He had gone through a lot, considering they ran away to New York together. But, he had used it as a reason to be stronger. After all, they made it this far.

Brittany stepped off the bus, hand in hand with Chance. They were the two of the group that were the most serious about each other. Not that Madison and Gabe weren't serious about each other, it's just Brittany and Chance were inseperable, and really in love. Madison and Gabe were more fun loving, and dare-devilish. Brittany and Chance loved to just sit down and watch tv together. It was a very diverse group, but they had their similarities. 

Now, they were all 16. They had been in NY for three years now. It still seemed like yesterday when they had run away from their home-town, to NY. It was amazingly fun, and they had grown a lot since they arrived. They were crazy as ever, but they were mature when they needed to be. They were raising themselves after all. Leaving their parents was hard, but they chose love, and that made them a family all on their own. A crazy family, but it was a family. 

They all started showing that crazy side as they sprinted to the apartment. They didn't live in the hotel anymore. It got set on fire, and it burnt down. Krissi, (The desk lady), still visited them, and supplied them with food. It was so generous, but she did it because she loved them like the children she never got. 

They slowed down and opened the door and walked in the apartment. They tossed their stuff down and the first thing they did was walk to the cupboard for an after-school snack. They grabbed a package of chocolate cookies and placed it on the table. They didn't attack it right away, they wanted to save some for when they got the late night munchies. They were growing teens. They all started laughing. 

They never did grow out of their random laughing outbursts. It was just who they were. 

"Uggggh! Homework... This is gonna suck." Chance said in a weird voice. They all laughed again. 

"Yeah. This is gonna suck. I have way too much to do. I'll be up til ten getting it done." Gabe said. They all sighed. 

"Me too. I have a huge english assignment to do." Brittany said. Madison nodded. They all went and dumped their books on the couch, and sighed at the clutter. This was gonna be a long night. 

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