True Perfection

Sequel to Christmas of Perfection. What happened to Brittany, Chance, Gabe and Madison? They're still in New York, but this is a crazy ride, and it's not over yet...


14. Minds off everything.

They walked to the restaraunt down the street. It was a little diner, and it was their favorite place to go out for dinner. They loved it, it was a cozy and nice place to be. So, they walked there. 

They got there, and nobody told them anything, or gave them any dirty looks. It was nice. They were regular people there. Family, if you wanted to call it that. 

"Hey kids! Haven't seen y'all in a while." Miranda said to them. Miranda was the waitress at the diner, and she loved them like her own children. They all were a crazy family. It was fun. They'd get together and laugh all night about the littlest things in life. It was the best times then. 

"Hey Miranda! Long time no see! How you been?" Gabe said to her. Miranda grinned, and walked over to their usual table. They all sat down, and they started talking about what's been going on. Miranda always had a lot to say. 

"So, Miranda how have you been? It's been forever!" Chance said. She nodded. 

"Busy, I guess. There's been a crowd ever since the whole school thing. How y'all been takin' it? I bet it's been rough." Miranda said. Brittany nodded. 

"It's been hard, but we're okay... I guess. Glad you've been good, though!" Brittany said. Miranda smiled. 

"Yep. Now, I have to do my job. What can I get you cutie couples?" she said. She always called them her cutie couples. It wa sher nickname for them. They didn't mind. They kept talking and they finally ordered. The same thing as every time. Cheese burgers, double fries, and cola. It was the classic menu items, and it was their favorite. 

This was always fun. Just getting together at a little diner, and talking, hanging out with Miranda. It was fun. 

"So, what's been really going on? Y'all seem a little, you know, beat down. What's really up?" Miranda asked. 

"Well.... It's a long story... You sure you got time for it girly?" Gabe asked. Miranda nodded. And everything came poring out, along with the tears. Even Chance cried, and he had been the strongest of them all. He cried as he held Brittany in his arms. They all cried, and Miranda cried the most. The mascara streaming down her face showed real emotions in her. They all wished this didn't have to be this way, but what could they do about it? Nothing... 

They calmed down, and they started talking again. They even started to laugh again. It felt good to get everything off their chests. After eating, they had to get home. Miranda embraces them all, and said good-bye. 

They walked home in the rain, but they didn't mind. They danced in it. The love was over powering the pain. But, it didn't last long. They didn't see the shadow in the corner, and what the figure held in their hand. It was Michelle, and she held something that could ruin everything. A gun... pointed at Chance's head. 

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