True Perfection

Sequel to Christmas of Perfection. What happened to Brittany, Chance, Gabe and Madison? They're still in New York, but this is a crazy ride, and it's not over yet...


8. Hide.

Michelle had lied to them, yet again, but this time she went too far. Threatening them, and trashing their apartment, this was too far. Chance was furious. The hatred burned in his eyes, and anyone could tell that he was going to be defensive. The things that were running through his head were exposed to them all. It was pretty clear that he wasn't happy, and that he wasn't going to take his eyes off of Brittany for a second anymore. He came here to keep her safe, and now Michelle was a threat to their safety. He was going to do whatever it took to get them safe again. This was not Michelle's territory, it was his, and he didn't intend on giving it up to anyone. 

He embraced Brittany. She cried on his shoulder, like three years ago. He didn't want to have her crying on his shoulder again, but it felt good to know that she was still there beside him. He didn't want to lose her to some maniac, who just got bailed out of prison. Who would bail her out anyway? Brittany stopped crying, but she didn't leave his embrace just yet. 

They all knew that they'd have to leave soon. Just temporarily hide away, and then after Michelle left, they could return. This was a horror story sequel for them all. Chance hated this, but there was nothing he could do to change this. But, that didn't mean that he couldn't change what was to come. He wasn't going to give her up to the woman that ruined her life before. 

Gabe read the note and threw it on the floor. He was totally ticked off. Madison picked it up, and her hand flew to her mouth, trying to muffle a sob. She went to Brittany, and she embraced her as Chance backed away. Chance was on the verge of a break-down. But, Gabe was on the verge of a murder. Gabe was totally ticked and he was ready to hurt someone. He had two sides, a kind side, and the side that was really bad if you got that far. Michelle got that far. 

Gabe sat down, and the thing that were running through his head were not pretty. Brittany went and sat down next to him. Gabe looked at her, but he didn't know what to say to her. She had tears in her eyes, and she didn't want to say anything to make him mad. She didn't know what to say to him. They sat there in silence. 

Gabe broke the silence after a few minutes. 

"Look, I've cooled down. I am just hating Michelle, and I'm sure your boyfriend is doing the same. None of us is happy about this, and none of us is going to get hurt either. But, we have to go along with Chance's plan to do that. You okay with that?" Gabe asked. Brittany nodded, and she looked to Chance. He nodded too. They all were heartbroken about this whole thing, but it was something they couldn't change. They started to gather their things, and they worked out their plan. They didn't think they'd have to do this again... 

"Okay... We have to get this worked out. We're gonna have to go somewhere. Any ideas?" Madison asked. Gabe didn't have anything to say. The anger built up again, so he didn't want to take it out on them. 

"I don't know... I didn't think we'd have to be doing this again. This is really rough, on us all...." Chance said. They all could agree with that... But, they still had to work this out, who knows when Michelle would strike again. That was cliche, but it was true. They kept talking and they finally decided that they'd just try to blend in the crowd, and they'd stay in a hotel. They knew that they'd have to hide their information and everything, but it was their only plan. 

As they walked out the door, they looked at the apartment, and saw an empty apartment, only filled with their old belongings. They brought the money they earned over the three years, and the neccesities. This was it, until Michelle left and gave up. 

Chance put his arm around Brittany. They walked into hiding... 

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