True Perfection

Sequel to Christmas of Perfection. What happened to Brittany, Chance, Gabe and Madison? They're still in New York, but this is a crazy ride, and it's not over yet...


22. Head on Straight.

Brittany went to the diner without even thinking. Whenever she got upset, she always went to the diner to talk to Miranda. Miranda was there when the others were not. 

She walked in and Miranda was right there at the bright blue counter.

"Hey girl! Where have you been? Haven't seen your doll face in a while." she said to her smiling. Brittany wiped her face, and smiled back. 

"Well, things got rough again, Miranda." Brittany said. Miranda shook her head.

"Come here doll. Tell me what's goin' on. I'm here." Miranda said as she pointed to a chair at the counter. Brittany nodded, and sat down. This was her normal seat. The only pink seat at the diner. The rest of the seats there were green or blue. Miranda had convinced the owner of the diner to get one pink chair. Brittany loved the color of it. Slightly faded, but still bright. 

"So, what is going on is... Chance is suddenly finding all his family. I fear that he'll just forget me, which would hurt me. I'm so happy that he is finding out where he really came from, but..." her voice trailed off, as she tried not to cry. 

Miranda put her arm around Brittany.

"Okay, here's what you're going to do. Girly, you are going to go into the bathroom, fix your make-up, and your hair, and get your coat on. We are going on a shopping trip, and we are going to blow all of my money on new clothes to fix this. Sound good, doll?" Miranda said. Brittany smiled and nodded. 

Brittany walked into the bathroom, and pulled out her purse. She applied some new lipstick and wiped her face off a little. She smoothed down her hair, and pulled it back into bun. She walked out happily and smiled at Miranda standing there waiting for her. 

"Shall we, doll?" Miranda asked. 

"We shall." Brittany replied and they walked out laughing. They looked like mother and daughter, but they weren't related in anyway. But, they kept walking and laughing, like they were. 

They kept walking through every store that caught their eye, and they seemed to be across the city from Chance no matter where they went. He was searching for Brittany, and he was so worried. She was all he could think about, but it was the opposite for Brittany. Miranda's idea was working, and she had gotten her mind off Chance for a while. She was having so much fun, and she had totally forgotten about her problems. 

"Hey girl, look at this dress!" Miranda said as she pointed at a deep purple dress with glitter all over the waist, and shimmering down to the bottom of the skirt. 

"Omigosh! It's so pretty! But, it must cost a fortune." Brittany said in awe. Miranda lifted the price tag, and looked at it in disbelief. 

"I think not! It's not as much as I'd expect. Holy, gosh!" Miranda beamed. Brittany was shocked. 

Miranda took it off the rack, and raced up to the counter.

"Sold!" she said, walking up to Brittany. Shaking her head in disbelief, Brittany walked with Miranda out into the street. 

"So what store next?" Miranda asked. 

"Oh, I don't know! There's this cute store down this street, and it has the cutest tops. Do you like neon and bright colors?" Brittany asked.

"Yeah! Let's go!" Miranda said racing down the street through a tightly packed crowd. Brittany laughed and chased after her. Suddenly, she bumped into Chance. She didn't have time to comprehend who it was, and she kept running after Miranda. Chance didn't realize who she was for a minute. Then, he turned and tried to find where she had run off to. 

But, Brittany was long gone by then. She was skimming through the store with Miranda, and they were blowing every penny they had on them. It was any girl's dream, and they were living it. It wasn't surprising that neither of them remembered their problems in the moment. Chance hadn't forgotten, though.

He was searching through the crazy crowds, and fighting through to find her. Worried, and sweating in nervousness, he raced to find her, even though he knew she'd be fine. He finally saw the little shop they were in, and he stopped. He saw her laughing and smiling with Miranda, trying on different fedoras and scarves. She looked so happy. 

He walked in and wanted to walk up to her, but he didn't. Instead, he walked over to the jewlery and picked up an infinity necklace with a heart rhinestone in the middle. He walked up to the counter and paid for it. Then, he walked over to Brittany. He kissed her cheek from behind, and slipped the necklace on her neck. 

She turned and saw Chance. She looked down at the necklace, and her eyes filled with tears. This was just too perfect... She embraced him and pressed her lips on his. He hugged her tight, and felt that the moment could not get any better than this. But, he knew he'd have to let go... 

He let her go, and smiled. 

"Well, I'll let you go back to shopping and I will see you later. Love you." he said, and started to walk away. 

"Oh, okay... Bye, see ya' later. Love you too..." she said and turned back to Miranda, who was grinning. 

"Good job, doll. Let's go and pay for this and then we'll go out for dinner. Sound good, doll?" Miranda asked.

"Yeah, that sounds good! Let's go!" Brittany said with enthusiasm. They continued and started walking down to the diner.

They sat down at the diner, and another waitress served them. Her name was Samira. She was a great friend of Miranda, and they were like sisters.

"Miranda! Took the day off?" Samira asked. Miranda nodded, and held up a few dresses. 

"Yah, girl. Me and my little girl Brittany here, went shopping and we got some great dresses." Miranda said. Samira nodded and took their orders. They all ate, and laughed. It was after nine before Brittany decided she should get home. 

"Bye Miranda, and Samira! See ya' soon!" Brittany said as she wallked out the door of the diner smiling. They waved good-bye. 

Brittany walked down the street and it started to rain, heavily. She raced down the street to get to the apartment. It was pouring and it was dark, and cold. She walked to the apartment door, cold, wet, and shivering. The door was locked, and she knocked, weakly. Chance immediately ran to the door, and opened it to see Brittany wet, cold, shivering, and make-up smearing down her face from the rain. She had bunches of bags in her hands, and she wanted to drop them. 

Chance rushed her inside, and told her to wait while he got a towel to dry her off. She shivered, and looked over at Gabe and Madison sleeping together. They looked so calm and tired. It was cute. 

Chance came back and dried her off. He laid down beside her, and embraced her. She was so cold, and it felt good to feel his warm skin on hers. They fell asleep in each other's arms, and they were fine. Their problems were the past. All that mattered right now, was now... 

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