True Perfection

Sequel to Christmas of Perfection. What happened to Brittany, Chance, Gabe and Madison? They're still in New York, but this is a crazy ride, and it's not over yet...


23. Happiness

*Whole Groups POV*

Chance was happy that he had Brittany back. That was all that was on his mind. But, he couldn't believe that he had just walked away and left her there at the airport, not letting her know anything. It was the stupidest thing he had ever done so far. But, she was here in his arms now. Gosh, she was beautiful. Her hair was falling out of the bun she had it in, and her make-up was washing off, but she was beautiful to him,

    She started to wake up as the sunlight poured through the windows.

“Good morning…” she said. He smiled at her.

“Morning…” he said. Hands intertwined, they kissed. It was adorable.

She turned leaning into his arms, he smiled they sat there in peace for a while. Then they kissed and he got up and headed for the kitchen.

"What do you want for Breakfast...Babe" Chance said.

“May I have Pancakes & Bacon please ”Brittany asks, sweetly.

“Sure Babe, anything for you” Chance says

After about 20 minutes Madison and Gabe came into the room giggling and holding hands.

"You two seem surprisingly over happy today"Chance said from the kitchen.

"Yup, Gabe just offered to take me to dinner just the 2 of us...You two don't mind do you?"asked Madison

"No, you two go have fun Chance and I could use some alone time too"Brittany says

"Hey, what smells so good Chance?" Gabe asks

"Im making's pancakes and bacon want some?"Chance responds happily

"Sure, I'm starving"Madison says heading over to the Dining room table.

Chance brings the breakfast out.They eat in peace for about 15 minutes, then discuss how the day is going to proceed.

"Okay, so Madison and Brittany can plan on what Madison is gonna wear and will probably go shopping for something."Gabe says.

"Meanwhile, we can plan on what you are wearing and where you are going tonight."Chance says

The girls get ready to go and then call from the door.

*Girl's POV*

"Okay boys have fun we're gonna go out for a bit we will be back before the date."Madison calls across the apartment.

They exit the room. Heading down the hall exited the building. They walked around town for about 15 minutes when they came acrossed a cute little shop with dresses inside. As they looked around Brittany found a charm that said "I Love you" acrossed the top. She picked it up and purchased it, after she paid for it she slipped it in to her pocket.

"Brittany, get over her quickly."Madison called excitedly.

"What is it?"Brittany asked.

"Look at this dress."Madison says holding up a silver dress that was just Madison's size

"It's the only one left and look it's only $25."Brittany says eyeing the dress in awe.

They pay for the dress and head home.

*Guy's POV*

Meanwhile, the guys were looking through the house for a nice suit to wear.

"Here, look at this" Chance says pulling out a tuxedo he had bought a couple weeks ago.

"Nice, do you mind if i borrow it."Gabe asks nervously

"No, it's fine man go ahead"Chance responds

"Okay, thanks Chance by the way i think i want to take her to that fancy restaurant that is down the street."Gabe says

"Okay, you need any extra money for tonight"Chance asks

"No i've got it"Gabe responds

They hear the door open, they lay the tuxedo on the bed. They rush out into the living room to greet the girls.

*Everyone's POV*

They all sit down in the living room. About 10 minutes later Madison and Gabe get ready for their date.

"Well, have fun but if me and Brittany are asleep don't have to much fun"Chance jokes as the couple leaves.

"We will and the same to you"Madison says

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