True Perfection

Sequel to Christmas of Perfection. What happened to Brittany, Chance, Gabe and Madison? They're still in New York, but this is a crazy ride, and it's not over yet...


25. Delilah's rage and sorrow (Part 1)

Delilah sat on her bed, trying not to cry. She bit her lip until it bled, and then she let the tears flood down her face. She sobbed into her pillow, and wished it would just stop. 

"I bet he doesn't even care if I showed up or not... That girl must be his only focus right now... A girl he probably hardly knows..." she sobbed.


Chance came home to remember Delilah. He got hit by with a blow of guilt and anger. How could he be so stupid? Forgetting his own sister... What kind of real brother would do that? No real brother... Brittany looked at him while he was lost in thought. His face contorted with anger. He was angry with nobody but himself. 

Brittany placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, but he merely shoved her away. Brittany only expected this reaction. He was hurt. Gabe and Madison walked in smiling only to feel the tense atmosphere. The smiles faded immediately, and the silence hit hard. 

"Chance.... What's wrong?..." Madison asked, quietly. But Chance just shook his head. He refused to speak. They all silently went got bed, hoping that mood would lighten by morning. 

Brittany cuddled close to Chance's chest, and laid silently. He kissed her head gently, and drifted off to sleep with his arm around her. 


Morning came, and a knock came on the door. It was Delilah, and she was not happy. 

"Hello?," Chance said, sleepily. He then met the furious glare of his sister's eyes. She was not so happy to see him.

Did he share a bed with that girl? They live together? 

"So where were you last night when you agreed to meet me? I waited for you, and you were a no-show. Care to explain?" she said, angrily.

Chance rubbed his eyes, and tried to comprehend what was going on. 

"What?..... Oh, where was I Iast night?.... Uh, on a date... With Brittany... Oh, yeah... Supposed to meet up with you... Forgot... sorry..." he said with multiple yawns in between. Delilah wasn't happy. She was shaking, trying to control her anger.

"Oh, of course! On a date with little miss pretty over there! I got it now! Little miss is more important than family. I mean, how rude of me to interrupt your smooching and time in bed together... A ​real brother would never act like that, Chance... You're no brother of mine..."  she said, and then left. 

Chance closed the door, and laid down with his girl again. 

"No real brother, huh? A real sister would never say that...." he said under his breath. Brittany heard, though.

"Chance... It'll be okay..." she whispered. He looked at her, and smiled.

Thanks.. I still have you... Forever and always?" he said. 

"Forever and always. Til the end of time..." she  whispered, and cuddled closer to him. 

Hey wrapped her tight in his arms, and leaned in to kiss her. They kissed for a few moments, and then drew apart. They fell back to sleep together in the sweet, blissful, silence. Nobody could take these moments from them for the whole world. Sometimes the silent moments say the most. 

The couples slept that whole day to wake up the next morning. 

They all had messages on their phones. Not any good ones. All of them were rants and threats from Delilah and her friends. Gabe took these as a challenge, and called every single one of the numbers.

"Look, you think that phone calls are gonna scare us? You're mistaken. You either leave us the hell alone, or you'll have to face me. Not on the phone. Face to face. Back off you little freaks, cause nobody screws with my girl and my family. Got it?" Gabe demanded. He then put his phone away silently, and said nothing for this next few minutes. 

Madison was happy that he cared about them all so much. It made her feel secure. The couple sat down and talked for the next hour. Chance and Brittany had went out for breakfast. When they came back, they came confined Madison and Gabe passed out on the couch. 

"Aw!" Brittany exclaimed, quietly. Chance grabbed her arm, and slipped her out the door. 

Let's get out for the day. Just you and me. We can go anywhere you want." Chance said. Brittany nodded, and slipped back inside to leave a note. Then they left, hand in hand...

To Be Continued....

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