True Perfection

Sequel to Christmas of Perfection. What happened to Brittany, Chance, Gabe and Madison? They're still in New York, but this is a crazy ride, and it's not over yet...


24. Date night

**Chance and Brittany**

Chance and Brittany were just casually talking to each other while Gabe and Madison were gone. They hardly ever got to talk anymore. 

"So, what do you want to do tonight, since Gabe and Madison are gone?" Chance asked. Brittany shrugged. 

"I don't know, whatever you want to do. Maybe see a movie? Go out for dinner? It's up to you!" she said, smiling. Brittany was always too nice. 

"Okay, since you're leaving it up to me..."he grinned, "Both." Brittany smiled. 

"Movie and dinner. Sounds good to me!" she said.

Brittany walked out to find something to wear. She ended up choosing her gun metal black skirt, and her blue tank top. She also chose her casual blue flats. 

Chance chose a nice pair of khaki's and a blue polo. When Brittany walked out, Chance was stunned, like usual, by her beauty. 

"What are you staring at? I'm nothing special, you know!" Brittany said. Chance rolled his eyes.

"Now that, is the biggest lie I have ever heard." he said, taking her hand. 

Shaking her head, she grabbed her purse, and they walked out. They headed in the opposite direction Gabe and Madison had went. 

**Gabe and Madison** 

Gabe and Madison walked into the restaraunt smiling, The waitress brought them to the corner table by the window. The moonlight shone inside, and lit up the room a little bit more. 

They sat down, smiling at each other. 

"Gabe... this is so sweet! This is perfect..." Madison said, her eyes shining. Gabe smiled. 

"I'm glad it's perfect. That's what I was going for." Gabe said, grinning. 

The waitress came again, and asked for their orders. They giggled, and ordered the same thing. 

"You know, you two are absolutely adorable together." the waitress said, smiling. Gabe smiled.

"I know." he replied, and Madison giggled.

"Thanks!" Madison said. 


Delilah hadn't forgotten her plans to visit her brother. She walked to the address Chance had given her, and smiled when she finally found it. She knocked on the door, anxiously waiting for her brother to answer. But, nothing happened. 

"Chance? Chance, are you there?" she said. 

Nobody answered, and Delilah could feel her heart drop. Was he even home? 

"Please tell me he didn't forget..." she thought to herself. But, Chance had forgotten that his sister was supposed to visit that day. She had been anxious about it since she last saw him, and she had been pacing all day. How could he forget? Was it not important to him? Maybe, he was just stressed and forgot....

But, she couldn't stand there forever when he wasn't going to show up. So, she walked away, very upset and disappointed. 

"Maybe next time..." she thought. 

She walked down the street, alone. She passed the restaraunt that Chance and Brittany had went to, and she glanced in the window. There was Chance and whoever that girl was, having a date. 

"Oh, that explains it! He was on a date with whoever that girl is... Wait, she's more important than family? So, be it..." Delilah thought, very upset. She was resisting the urge to be angry. 

She watched as Chance laughed and talked with that girl, happily. How could he?......... The girl laughed, and smiled with Chance. The scar on her cheek was just barely visible from where Delilah was standing, but she saw it. How could Chance like a girl like that? 

Delilah had enough, and walked away. Still upset, she walked home. And Chance didn't notice at all... 

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