Dakota Simmons is a simple girl. She isn't a nerd or a queen of the school, she is just Dakota. She is the youngest of seven and always gets made fun of by all her siblings. Then unexpectedly her life is turned upside down when her talented sister Jasmine gets signed a recording contract ,and makes it big in the world. Now Dakota is living life to the fullest, she lives in Las Vegas and has everything she has ever wanted. She has always been used to the simple life. How will Dakota live this new life?


2. school

Well, I don't have a lot of issues in school.  I am a normal school girl.  I am not the queen of the school or the nerdiest nerd of all time.  As I said before I am just regular.  I have about 5 best friends, but only 2 best best of best friends.  I also know most of the people on the Montelo basketball team, but we aren't all best friends ,or even friends period the end , some of us just are acquaintances. Oh ya, I forgot. Montelo is my school , It is a very nice school too. Just kidding , Montelo is the crappiest school in the history of schools.  The first principal got arrested because he turned into a psychopathic killer and tried to kill my friend Addison, his name was Mr.Chester.  The new principal just came a year ago and she is better, but she still has some weird face on her.  Her face is all saggy and she looks like a cross between a hippo and the oldest person in the entire world, her name is Mrs. Green. The only problem with a kid I have ever had was with a girl named Lorie Summer Carson.  She was so mean, all she probably did all day was think of ways to get on my nerves.  Once I was in line for a project we were going to do and she wanted to sit next to my friend , Kali Picker. So then she shoved me to get to her, so as any other person would yell I said " HEY" like what was that for. Then she heard me, she didn't answer me she just looked at me lying helplessly on the ground and then kicked me in the nose and walked off. Who does that. My mom was furious. She called up Lorie's mom and told her what happened and Lorie's mom just laughed and said" ya I know , your daughter is such a wimp that's hilarious right". My mom almost threw her phone out the car window. My parents got so mad that they put a restraining order on Lorie and her mother. Now she doesn't go to the same school as me anymore , because the restraining order says that Lorie cant be in the same building as me, so suck it up Lorie. BAB-AM!!!!!!

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