Dakota Simmons is a simple girl. She isn't a nerd or a queen of the school, she is just Dakota. She is the youngest of seven and always gets made fun of by all her siblings. Then unexpectedly her life is turned upside down when her talented sister Jasmine gets signed a recording contract ,and makes it big in the world. Now Dakota is living life to the fullest, she lives in Las Vegas and has everything she has ever wanted. She has always been used to the simple life. How will Dakota live this new life?


3. school again

My best friends names are,Jinny,Fern,Alana,Irina,and Angelica.  They are the only people that keep me sane in this world,well other than my dog Sapphire. She was my birthday present for my 10th birthday. She is a feisty Boxer with a snowball white belly and very dramatic eyes.  She is my life.  I love her very much.  Life would not be the same without her.  Then there are my friends. Jinny is very curious and nosy , but she is still fabulous. Fern is very enthusiastic and crazed, even though her father died when she was 7. Alana is sporty and is a smarty,and she is one of my bestest friends. Irina is strong and capable, because life has always been hard for her as a only child after her brother died of cancer last year. Then there is Angelica, Angelica can only be described as hilarious and outgoing, once she even went up to a random guy in Shop'n'Save and jumped in his cart screaming " YA ROLLER COASTER FASTER".  Those are my friends, they are insane and unpredictable, but they are my friends. My very dysfunctional friends and I like it that way. 

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