Dakota Simmons is a simple girl. She isn't a nerd or a queen of the school, she is just Dakota. She is the youngest of seven and always gets made fun of by all her siblings. Then unexpectedly her life is turned upside down when her talented sister Jasmine gets signed a recording contract ,and makes it big in the world. Now Dakota is living life to the fullest, she lives in Las Vegas and has everything she has ever wanted. She has always been used to the simple life. How will Dakota live this new life?


5. packing

Today I am packing for Vegas. We get a free plane ride their on a private jet because Jasmine is famous and all that stuff. Matt, my brother, is going to drive me over to Irena's, where everyone is waiting to say goodbye to me."Hurry up" I hear Matt shout."Chill" I holler back. OK, I need to get everything I own that can fit in a bag in a bag, I need to hurry, The trucks will take my other stuff that I can't fit in a bag to Vegas, and say goodbye to everyone.As I am walking out of the room, hands weighed down by bags and suitcases, Jasmine walks in."Hey, I don't want you to be jealous or anything because I am talented and you are not, so I bought you this bag of Sour Cream and Onion Lays chips" She says." Oh, how thoughtful of you, I can't even hold in my joy" I say sarcastically."Let's Go" Matt yells again. "Coming" I scream back.We drive over to Irena's house and I get out. I walk up to the door and knock. Four or five wet and red faces come to the door. "Dakota" they all yell in union. "I am so sorry Jasmine has to be such a sack of crap" I say. The hot tears start coming down my face and we hug and give each other things. And I wish I could stay, stay with them and never leave. But I can't because Jasmine ruined it for me and now she is not going to undo what she has done to hurt me. Matt loses his girlfriend. Erin lost her friends. Dalainah lost her job. Damian lost his credit card (Not Jasmine's fault, but still it sucks to lose your credit card). Mary Anne lost her dog. Jasmine took something from all six of us and we can't get it back.
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