Dakota Simmons is a simple girl. She isn't a nerd or a queen of the school, she is just Dakota. She is the youngest of seven and always gets made fun of by all her siblings. Then unexpectedly her life is turned upside down when her talented sister Jasmine gets signed a recording contract ,and makes it big in the world. Now Dakota is living life to the fullest, she lives in Las Vegas and has everything she has ever wanted. She has always been used to the simple life. How will Dakota live this new life?


1. Me (before)

Hi, my name is Dakota Simmons and I am 12 years old and I am (as you hopefully read in the description and didn't just open up this book blindly) simple and very regular.  The only thing that might make me different is that I am the youngest of seven kids.  Well, I don't want to bore you with my terrible excuse for a life,  lets talk about the only part of my life that is somewhat exciting. The place where I pretend to be someone I am most certainly not, anywhere away from home.  Home to me is like a prison that I have to wait eighteen years to be released ,in other words, home is a really like a terrible dream that I won't wake up from for eighteen years.  I know that complaining won't do me any good, but my house is like a pre-school every single day.  I have my rights. I would tell you more, and sorry this chapter is really short, but I promise I will tell you more in the next chapter and it will be more exciting too.

P.S. if you think this is some heartfelt biography about my life you are very wrong my sir.

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