Dakota Simmons is a simple girl. She isn't a nerd or a queen of the school, she is just Dakota. She is the youngest of seven and always gets made fun of by all her siblings. Then unexpectedly her life is turned upside down when her talented sister Jasmine gets signed a recording contract ,and makes it big in the world. Now Dakota is living life to the fullest, she lives in Las Vegas and has everything she has ever wanted. She has always been used to the simple life. How will Dakota live this new life?


4. camera

I am walking home from the bus stop with Fern and Irena when we round the bend of my house. We walk closer to my house and I see news trucks filled with camera crews and expensive looking cars with guys in suits in them. "Since when have you been famous" Irena says. "Since never" I answer, " Someone died then" said Fern. "FERN" Irena and I yelled. " What" she answered. " Never mind" I said. We all walked closer to see what was going on, and 2 people with cameras ran up to me and started asking me questions like, " How does it feel having a famous sister" and " What is your relationship with your singing sister Jasmine"? Let me just make this clear, Jasmine is my annoying sister who is turning sixteen. She has strawberry blonde curly hair and green eyes.She hates me and I hate her. That is how I like it. As I push away from the reporters, I see Jasmine soaking up her glory, I hate her. Jasmine is good at singing, but not record deal good. Then I here it. The noise. The brothers and sisters screaming. I run over to see what is going on and their it is. A suitcase like you see in the movies filled with cash. My mom sees me and screams " We're moving to Vegas" !!!! I look at Fern and Irena. No, this cannot happen, I cannot leave not now. Uhhg, Jasmine ruins everything

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