Secret Romance

Her best friends were always there for her, till that November. It all was going down hill until her brother, Micheal, made friends, a few boys and wanted to start a band. Erica seems to have a crush on one of Micheals friends... Will he like her back? Will he reject her? What would Micheal say?



Erica's POV


What am I running from? Life. I'm tired of people pretending to care then leaving me.

2:00am (before 4:00am)

I can't sleep. I can't stop myself from falling into depression. No one loves me. I'm just a huge fuck up and everyone would be better off without me.

I could hear Micheal snoring in the other room. All I've done is made life harder for him, and I'm sure he hates me for it. I have to leave. I can't live like this anymore.

I packed a few things into a bag I could carry. As soon as it was full I slid a note under Micheal's door.

I slowly tip-toed down the stairs. I grabbed some food and water. BAM a plate smashed onto the wooden floor.

"Shit." I muttered

Click The lights flicked on.


No, it was Micheal!

I ran as fast as I could out of the door, it was no use I knew he saw me.

Micheal's POV

Before I could think Erica burst out the door.


I tried to yell out for her but she didn't even look back.


I found myself running on the cold wet street trying to chase after her.

Where was she going and why?

I slipped in a puddle and lost her in the darkness. I let a tear roll down my cheek. She's gone. I turned around to go home, the tears now pouring with an empty feeling in my stomach. I was alone again.

When I reached my bedroom I tried to sleep but couldn't. I was staring at the dark ceiling replaying what had just happened in my head over and over again. I jumped when I heard I knock at the door. Had she come home?!

My heart dropped.

"Hello Hemmings."

"Micheal what's wrong?!"

I almost burst out crying, but I somehow got some words out.

"It's Erica."


Sorry for not updating. This is just a filler I am so sorry. I'll try to update more often. Thank you for 50+ reads :)

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