Secret Romance

Her best friends were always there for her, till that November. It all was going down hill until her brother, Micheal, made friends, a few boys and wanted to start a band. Erica seems to have a crush on one of Micheals friends... Will he like her back? Will he reject her? What would Micheal say?



What have I done?!


Luke didn't say anything. His silence was killing me.

He looked at me, he didn't look mad he looked disappointed. Of course he's mad! Don't be dumb I just ruined his Nirvanna shirt!

He looked at his shirt, I'm guessing to see how bad it was... It was really bad. Then he buried his face in his hands. I had the worst feeling ever. I felt as if I was gonna puke out the guilt, and my head was gonna explode, while my heart pounded like it was trying to leave my chest. As I began to walk away feeling my eyes burn. No, don't cry, don't cry, don't cr- It was too late. I couldn't stop the tears.

Luke's POV

I couldn't believe Micheal's little sister ruined my favorite Nirvanna shirt. I wasn't mad, I was just a little frustrated. When I moved my hands away from my face, she was gone. I didn't know where she went. I got worried. I looked back at the table where the guys barely noticed we were gone.

I walked around for awhile just to see if she was still here. What would Micheal do if he found out I made her leave? Where could she have gone? Suddenly I had a pretty good idea of where she is.

Erica's POV

I had no idea where I was running to, but as I keep running I knew where I was going. Home. I only lived about 8 blocks away. Who cares about me anyway? I messed up dinner now they all hate me.


Hey! Thanks for favoriting! It means so much! Sorry for the sucky chapters :/ but I have to go to school now and I'm not sure when I'll have time to update. Sorry, love you guys! xx


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