Secret Romance

Her best friends were always there for her, till that November. It all was going down hill until her brother, Micheal, made friends, a few boys and wanted to start a band. Erica seems to have a crush on one of Micheals friends... Will he like her back? Will he reject her? What would Micheal say?



"Hello.." I slightly waved to the three boys in front of me. I mean, how could my brother be friends with these very attractive guys?

"Hi Erica!"

They all seemed to say in unison. I'll admit, they were all adorable but one caught my attention. One boy stood out and I knew I was crushing. But what was the point? There is no way someone like him would ever like me. He was tall, blonde, and he had the most beautiful blue eyes. The were bluer than mine. I must have been staring because Luke winked at me and Micheal shouted my name.

"Oh Micheal looks like your sister likes someone." Calum teased smirking.

"No she doesn't, shut up Calum." Micheal snapped as he punched Calum in the arm.

"Geez Micheal, take it easy, it was just a joke."

Calum was right though, I did like someone. Knowing how Micheal reacted I knew I couldn't tell him. He would get mad and never let me see him again.

"Why don't we go have some lunch?" Ashton asked clearly trying to change the subject. He must have felt a little awkward too.

"That sounds good to me."

Luke, you're always hungry."

"Shut up already Calum let's go out and eat I'm starving."


When we got to the restaurant, Micheal made sure I didn't sit by Luke. He got suspicious after what Calum said. I kind of figured he would do that, he rarely lets me hang around his friends but I never knew why. Maybe this was why.

"And what will you have to drink?" The waiter caught me off guard.

"Uhh... Just a water is fine."

Damn, I really wanted a root beer. I should've been paying more attention. I looked across the table and saw Calum, Luke, and Ashton blowing the wrappers off their straws at each other and laughing.

"So, are you always the odd one out?"

"No, I'm just not in the mood." I really wasn't expecting that answer from Micheal. Then again, I'm not sure what I wanted him to say.

Just then the waiter brought us our drinks. It seemed to get quiet, and the conversations slowed and then eventually stopped.

We had a long awkward silence till our food arrived, then everyone was too busy stuffing their faces to talk. I reached across the table to get a slice of pizza, but my arm hit my cup and the water spilled all over Calum. It seemed like the whole world went silent. He looked down at his shirt for a while. I wasn't sure if he would be mad or not. Then he looked up and started laughing. Then everyone laughed and made jokes about Calum 'peeing his pants.'

As the night went on the conversation got easier, we all laughed and told jokes. Until I turned into a huge klutz... I was playing with my food, and I ended up getting some mashed potatoes. I was pretending to fling it at people just for fun... then the potatoes were flicked across the table and hit Ashton on the shoulder. I felt horrible I covered my mouth with my hand and apologized. I'm lucky Ashton didn't mind.

"It's fine." He said laughing

Phew, that was a close one.

We were eating at a china house so you got up to get more food, it was a buffet. My biggest mistake yet. I was coming back with desert. I had a brownie, 2 cookies, and 2 scoops of ice cream. I hadn't realized my shoes were untied so I tripped, and my plate went all over Luke...

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I-"

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