1. the murder plan

I wanted him to be home,

So I no longer felt alone,

I knew I wouldn't be able to face it,

But knew I must embrace it,

I'm mad,

I'm sad,

That he left me,

But I could see that he cared,

For the silent tears we shared,

But as if it was fate,

He arrived way too late,


After he was discovered,

Our love was recovered,

What had started with a knife

I thought was the beginning of our life,

You left,

You theft,

You stole my heart,

You tore it apart,

You were the one I wanted even though you were haunted,

I kissed you,

I missed you,

I watched you slip away from my heart,

I cried,

I tried,

But since you've been gone,

My heart belongs to another one.

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