5sos preferences and imagines

This is some imagines and preferences I came up with. I take requests. Just say if you want it to be dirty or not and your name and person, situation too.


2. How you met Ashton: partial credit to cutelucas

Ashton: you were going home after a very hard day at work. You were really tired and wanted to get home ASAP. You kept your head down as you tried to walk home. "And we are going to Panda Express" you heard a voice say. You found it cute that the guy had an accent and looked up. But doing that was a mistake- you collided with someone's chest. You immediately pull away, looking up at the person who you bumped into. Your eyes met with beautiful brown ones, and swallowed the lump now forming in your throat. " I'm really sorry I was keeking and I didn't see you" he says, offering his hand to help you up. This guy was really cute. You took the stranger's hand and he helped you up." I really am sorry. Can I do anything to make it up?" He tapped on his phone and put it in his pocket. You bit your lip when you thought of what he can do. You suddenly thought of a brilliant idea! You looked straight into those beautiful eyes and said, "let's go out for dinner tonight." You took out a pen and wrote your number on his arm. " my name is Y/N, by the way." "Ashton, I'll see you later.

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