5sos preferences and imagines

This is some imagines and preferences I came up with. I take requests. Just say if you want it to be dirty or not and your name and person, situation too.


1. Day at the beach( during the time they are t the beach is the same for each)

Calum: all you want to do is lay with your friends and tan the whole time. The boys of 5sos didn't  agree though. All the boys were gonna pick their girlfriends up and throw them into the water. First Calum was going to pick you up. He picked you up bridal style and dunked both of you in the water. When you came back up you were on his back messing up his hair. He put you down. The water was around your thighs. You guys were just staring at each other. Ashton yelled AWEEE. Both of just rolled your eyes and kissed very passionatley.

Luke: since the boys were gonna through their girlfriends in the water, Luke approached you. He saw that you were asleep so he didn't want to throw you into the water. All the boys were teasing Luke. When you woke up you asked Luke what was going on. He said " Oh nothing, the guys wanted me to throw you into the water but......" AWEEE your soo sweet, you said. Luke then kissed you softly.

Michael: he quickly picked you up and threw you into the water head first. You got mad at him and ran off. When you came back he had a teddy bear in his hand. You forgave him and began for the best prank ever. You were gonna dig a hole and put a towel over so Ashton would fall threw. Accidentley you both fell threw and had a sweet little.

Ashton: he picked you up swiftly and dumped both of you in the water. When you got back on the sand you were on top of him.you gave him a teasing kiss. A little later you went to a Resturant. When you came back both of you fell on the prank. You guys ended up kissin for what felt like 10 minutes until Luke found you.






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