oh....i forgot to tell you ....i was pregnant (harry styles fan fiction)

Alexei was a very good girl with very bad habits.she makes a mistake when she sleeps with her boyfriend one drunken night only to be left alone the next day .he only called to conformer that they were no more.little did they both know that when you have unprotected sex it only takes 12 hours to conceive a baby and well thats what happened .read to find out the rest


2. chapter 2


alexei's P.O.V ^^^^^^^^picture of alexei ^^^^^^^^^^ 

"alexei ?"harry asked slowly approaching me "oh shit "i said out loud "mommy my leg"darcy cried louder .i broke eye contact with harry and bent down ."can you move it baby girl?"i asked "no"she whimpered "your going to be alright baby girl "i said rubbing her cheek .just then Brandon came back "i got the ice"he said breathless "thank you brandon'' i said as i toke the ice and carefully put it on darcys leg .just then ms. hanker came over to me "the ambulance should be here soon "she whispered so only i could hear "okay every one the show will be postpone until next week ,you may come in an orderly fashion to collect your children"ms.hanker said over the peoples chatter .as i started to pick up darcy ms.hanker told me to stop ."why?"i asked stopping ."because if her leg is broken than moving it could cause  only more damage ."damage!?what !?it cant be !that means this will be the end of dancing for her!"i yelled pissed .the only thing darcy wants is to dance ...because i may or may have not told her that her dad was a dancer .i guess thats partly true .right?wait harry's a horrible dancer .what the hell is wrong with me my daughter is lying on the ground in pain and i'm talking about how bad of a dancer harry is "sorry were late "the paramedic's  said at the same time .they came over to darcy and bent down  to her side " okay sweetheart what is your name ?"one of the paramedic's asked .i carefully watched the black headed paramedic "darcy"she whimpered .harry shot me a glance but i ignored him .there is no way in hell im letting him find out darcy is his .i may seem like a bitch right now, but harry is known as a heart breaker and i know from experience .he just likes to get girls wrapped around his finger  ,he leads them into his trap where the girl falls for him and he says he's going to catch her when she falls and when she does ...'SPLAT' she falls flat on her face .and ill be damned if harry breaks darcy's heart .when i snapped out of my thoughts i was in the ambulance with Brandon.i looked at darcy to see she was out cold "the paramedic's gave her some pain killers ."brandon whispered "how did i get here ?"i asked "you walked ,DUH"brandon said annoyingly 

   AT HOSPITAL                                                                                                                                I bit my nails as they seemed to be the only thing  keeping me clam But soon that didn't help much so I started  pacing the freshly mopped white floor ."stop pacing your making me dizzy as hell"a tired ,horse ,sexy voice groaned annoyed ."would you do me a favor and shut the fuck up?"i snapped "sorry,sorry,sorry "he said putting his hands up in defense .i looked at the double door's as they opened  .my doctor  came racing over to me "how is she?"i asked anxiety and curiosity got the best of me ."she's ok ...for now"he sighed .before i got to ask him about the whole 'for now thing'he continued "she has sprain her tibia bone" he said firmly "w-what does that mean?"I questioned  "it means she may never get to dance or walk again ...BUT..."

A/N:enjoy your cliffhanger :) 

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