oh....i forgot to tell you ....i was pregnant (harry styles fan fiction)

Alexei was a very good girl with very bad habits.she makes a mistake when she sleeps with her boyfriend one drunken night only to be left alone the next day .he only called to conformer that they were no more.little did they both know that when you have unprotected sex it only takes 12 hours to conceive a baby and well thats what happened .read to find out the rest


1. chapter 1




the song Darcy is dancing to is up there ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

 Alexei's P.O.V        picture's of Darcy ^^^^^^

"you ready baby?"i asked smiling "i don't know mommy .i'm scared "she frowned "baby you'll do great"i said hugging her.tears started to fall from my eyes."i just want you to know i am so very proud of you baby "i sniffed laughing wiping my tears away standing up ."mommy i love you"she cried hugging my legs ."i love you too .now stop crying before you mess up your make up "i giggled "okay"she said wiping her tears away and some what fixing her make up ."ms. Stacy you may take your seat in the first roll "ms.hanker said (one of Darcy's dance instructors )"okay  just let me say my final farewells"i smiled at the old lady "oh.sorry if i interrupted you"she blushed in embarrassment "no you were fine" i nodded  .she left the room.i bent down on one knee in front of Darcy "now listen baby there's a lot of people here so if you feel like your going to mess up look for me in the crowd  or uncle Bradon okay"i said taking her hands in mine ."okay mommy" she said a tiny smile on her face."and remember no matter what happens you'll always be my little winner"i cried kissing her fore head "mommy please don't cry .your going to make me cry"she said her voice creaking as she   hugged me ."okay okay ill stop"i sniffed pulling away."now go hop on that stage and make me prouder .if possible "i giggled standing up .i grabbed her hand in mine as i opened the dress room door exiting .i walked over to the curtains as i gave her a final kiss .she hoped on to the stage her tutu bunching with every hop she took .she got into her position .i walked down the black carpet covered mini stair case .i took my seat next to my best friend brandon .he was on instagram ."hey jerk"i said punching him in the arm.his eyes widen as he jumped back in alert .once he saw it was me he relaxed "what the hell is your problem !?"he whispered yelled "im guessing i took you by surprise "i smirked flopping down next to him "no!i just-never mind that.where did you  come from?"he whispered "back stage" i said popping some of his popcorn  /that he left unguarded/ into my mouth "hey!"he yelled snatching the bag back "shh"an old lady from behind us said "there not even dancing  !" he yelled at the poor old lady ."i am so sorry for his lack in behavior " i apologized to the lady punching brandon in the stomach .the music started playing and the curtains opened. i couldnt help but look around there were paparazzi every where .what the fuck .i thought to my self .i turned to watch my little girl .she did a Changement and landed perfectly .her next move was croisé, croisée .it was hard for her .we tried to practice it but she never got it."hello is these seats taken "a girl asked "sorry those seats are for parents only"i said not looking away ."how about cousins ?"she asked "nope parents only.but since you seem nice im pretty sure they wont mind" i said "thank god.babe come over here !"she called sitting to me .i was to amazed at the fact my beautiful baby girl manged to pull the whole  Croisé, croisée thing off to look at her ."im here" a fairly familiar voice said but i was steal looking .hours later it was the last part darcy was wowing the crowd until...she had to do a spin cycle .she had to do 50 which i think is highly impossible  for a kid her age.she made it to 40 until we all heard a snap and down went darcy "baby!"i yelled rushing onto the stage "mommy my leg.i cant move it"she cried crawling into my arms .the whole crowd gasped as heard her cries .all the little ballerina's looked at darcy with sorrow in there eyes .brandon and ms.hanker came on the stage "oh dear"ms.hanker said "brandon be a sweetheart and get some ice from the infirmary .ill call an ambulances"she said grabbing her phone "Alexei?" a guys voice asked .i turned toward the stair case to see harry slowly approaching me "oh shit"i said out loud  


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