Meant To Be

Kennedy turned 16. The year where her parents kick her out of their home so that she can learn to live by herself. Kennedy had nothing except her suitcase and backpack. Not even enough money to buy a decent meal. The most valuable things Kennedy could give away to earn money was to sell her 5SOS albums. The CD's meant the world to her but now she needs the CD's to save her. What will happen to Kennedy?


7. Warm. Love. Hope.

We got back home and Calum took me back to my room. Michael got me some hot water to warm up. 

"I'm really sorry I had to be such a dickhead. I don't want to distract you and the guys. I should of just ran away. I'm really sorry Calum" I said as I started to tear up 

"hey, don't say that. We love having you around. We would never let you go like that." Calum replied

"But aren't I bothering you guys and your job? Your fans would probably hate me if they heard I'm here causing all this trouble." I asked

"Of course not! We would never tell our fans that and even if they did we wouldn't like it" 

"I just don't want you guys to hate me" I said as I cut Calum off.

"Kennedy you are the prettiest girl I've met and the nicest girl. We would never hate you. Especially me." Calum replied

I stopped and looked at him. Did he just say he likes me? the insides of me is flooding with happiness but I dint let it spill. Calum looked at me and he pulled in and lightly kissed my forehead.

"Don't forget. You are very pretty." Calum whispered.

I smiled but I dint say anything. Calum left and went to bed. 

It's almost 12:00AM but I cant sleep. I cant stop thinking about what Calum just said to me. I'm just a regular girl that got kicked out of her parents home but now look where I am. My favorite singer liked me. I just hope Calum wont be spilling things on Twitter or anything. I love him too but I just don't want fans to over react. 

I decided to call it a night. Maybe I could talk to Calum tomorrow hoping that he wont say anything. 


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