Meant To Be

Kennedy turned 16. The year where her parents kick her out of their home so that she can learn to live by herself. Kennedy had nothing except her suitcase and backpack. Not even enough money to buy a decent meal. The most valuable things Kennedy could give away to earn money was to sell her 5SOS albums. The CD's meant the world to her but now she needs the CD's to save her. What will happen to Kennedy?


4. Laughing. Smiling. Cheering.

Me and the guys sat on the couches as we waited for Calum. After a couple of minutes, Calum came back. He turned on some upbeat music by Dubstep and started walking down the stairs but he was in some... unique clothes. 

The guys and I started laughing and applauding as Calum walked down. Calum was wearing a unicorn onezie with clown shoes and big purple shades. 

"its a fashion show parody!" Calum shouted all the guys started laughing their heads off as Calum made sexual poses. Michael ran upstairs and he tried it. Michael came back with another hilarious look.

"I think hes wearing polka-dot pants, pink suspenders, a white shirt with a green bow tie and green shorts!" I shouted. Everyone started taking out their phones and taking photos of Michael as he came down.

Next up was Luke then Ashton. When all the guys came back with hilarious outfits, they told me to try. They started cheering but I dint, I was actually kind of sad. I dint have any funny clothes or exotic glasses. All I had were blouses, plain t-shirts and jeans.

"No worries we have a costume closet! You can pick something out of there!" Calum said with a cheerful tone.

I smiled and I ran up. The guys started laughing at the photos they took. I wanted to come back with something out of this world so I took out shinny hammer pants with cupcake slippers, a puffy sumo top and a sun hat. I also took out some fancy shades that looked like wings. 

I walked down the stairs and all the guys started laughing and taking photos.

"That's a really good costume! Hahaha!" Said Ashton.

I quickly ran over to my seat on the couch next to Calum.

"So what now?" Luke asked.

"Maybe we could go on Omegle in these ridiculous costumes!" Ashton said with an excited voice

Everyone agreed so it happened!

We turned on the TV which was connected to the computer and we were soon making fun of ourselves on Omegle.

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