Meant To Be

Kennedy turned 16. The year where her parents kick her out of their home so that she can learn to live by herself. Kennedy had nothing except her suitcase and backpack. Not even enough money to buy a decent meal. The most valuable things Kennedy could give away to earn money was to sell her 5SOS albums. The CD's meant the world to her but now she needs the CD's to save her. What will happen to Kennedy?


5. Laughed. Loved. Excited

After Omegle we decided to head out and get some lunch. I never experienced the celebrity life to be honest I thought they were like me but no. When the whole 5SOS gang goes out they have security and they sat in vans with covered windows. I was the last to get in and we were off.

"Where are you guys heading to today?" Asked the man who drove the vehicle.

"lets go to Starbucks! I want to try their new drinks." Michael said with a smile. I am a huge fan of Starbucks although I do keep limits to 3 caramel apple spices whenever I go to Starbucks. Me and the guys all agreed so we headed to Starbucks. 

"You feeling ok? how's you leg?" Calum asked

"Much better than yesterday although I still feel a little bit of pain" I replied 

"That's good, also I wanted to say that I'm sorry that you had to be in such a bad situation yesterday, hopefully your time with us could help you cheer up and be able to find a solution." Calum replied

"Thanks. Hopefully" I said as I try to hold back my tears. Calum pulled me in for a hug and gave me a tissue.

"Allrighty! We reached Starbucks! You guys ready?" Asked the chauffeur.

"Of course!" Said Ashton. We left the vehicle and waited for our drinks. 

"Hi can I get a Skinny Peppermint mocha,( Michael paused and asked the rest of us for our orders) a Pumpkin Spice frappuccino,  2 Double Chocolatey Chip frap. and one caramel Apple spice. That would be it." Said Michael to the cashier lady. As Michael paid, a fan came up to Luke and asked for photos and a signature. 

After we got our drinks we got back into the car. When we got in, the guys huddled up like a football team getting ready to play. They were whispering something but I don't want to be nosy. 


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