Meant To Be

Kennedy turned 16. The year where her parents kick her out of their home so that she can learn to live by herself. Kennedy had nothing except her suitcase and backpack. Not even enough money to buy a decent meal. The most valuable things Kennedy could give away to earn money was to sell her 5SOS albums. The CD's meant the world to her but now she needs the CD's to save her. What will happen to Kennedy?


8. I. Love. You.

Today I woke up and surprisingly I felt in a really good mood. Maybe because my legs don't hurt anymore? I don't know but I was feeling really happy. I remembered that I wanted to talk to Calum about what happened yesterday. I quietly opened my door so I don't create any loud noises. The guys are still sleeping so I decided eat some breakfast. We ran out of eggs so I took out a cup of yogurt and blueberries.

I wonder if Calum really meant what he said yesterday. A lot happened yesterday and I worried Calum. Maybe he was just feeling a little bit protective. I'm gonna find out soon. 

Finishing my yogurt I threw the cup in the recycling and rinsed the spoon. I saw Ashton coming down as he rubbed his eyes from the light.

"Morning Kennedy! You feeling better?" Ashton asked

"You too. Yep! I'm feeling a lot better." I replied

Ashton went over to a cabinet and took out a little container. I dint know what it was, maybe it was medication? drugs? hmmmm.

"Whats that?" I asked with a curious face

"Its Vegemite! have you tried it before? Its really yummy!" Ashton replied as he showed me the container.

I opened the lid smelt it. woah.

"Um, that's really, uh, something! What is it for?" I asked trying to sound like I like it. 

"Its a type of spreading. I like to put it on my toast when the other guys aren't around. They don't like it but I don't give." Replied Ashton

 "Cool. I need to go and change. I be back" I replied as I walked back to my room.

When I came back out I saw Calum and Luke sitting on the couch on their phones but no sign of Ashton. Calum saw me walk out and he said good morning.

"Morning!" I replied.

"Um, Calum can I talk to you?" I asked kind of mumbling. Calum stopped for a moment.

"Sure thing." He replied as he walked beside me to my room.

"I just want to say thank you for everything that happened yesterday. I'm sorry I kept on saying shit about myself. Talking to you really made me feel comfortable and happy." I said with a low voice.

"No problem! And um also I just want to say that what I said yesterday, I really mean it." Calum said.

I looked him in the eyes. I din't want to say anything but hug him. He helped me through tough times and he was always there for me. 

"Thank you Calum. It really means alot to me." I replied.

I let go of him and he smiled at me

"There's something I wanted to tell you.." Calum said as he looked shy

"I like you too." I replied.

Calum looked so happy and I was too. I gave him another big hug but this time we dint let go. I looked at him and he came in closer. We closed or eyes and he gave me a kiss. I smiled as we pulled away.

"Calum, could you not tell your fans about us, I don't want them to hate you or start any rumors or anything. I just want you to be safe and happy." I said

"Sure. But what if I tell them not to say anything bad about us? They would love you! I know it. If they are a true fan of mine they would be happy for who I date or what I do." Calum replied.

"fine, but as long as it dosent get out of hand. Um, do you think we should tell the guys or later on?" I asked. Calum smiled at me and took my hand. He opened the door and shouted like he was trying to be hear over millions of fans.

"SHE SAID YES!" Calum shouted

All the guys started cheering and clapping. Michael ran up and gave Calum a huge hug. 

"Congrats! You two look very cute together!" Luke replied

"haha thanks!" I blushed 

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